GOT7’s BamBam Thought He Was Safe Teasing JB In Thai But He Forgot About The Translator

BamBam forgot all about the translator:

As the leader of a loud and energetic group like GOT7, JB has learned the art of controlling his members but he can’t control them if he doesn’t know what they said…or at least that’s what BamBam thought!


JB and Yugyeom have been spending time in Bangkok for their JUS2 Focus Tour and BamBam joined them, taking on the role of special MC. While they performed and had plenty of cute and sweet interactions, BamBam soon found himself in a little bit of trouble!


During the question and answer session, BamBam asked fans what they thought JB’s sexiest feature was and they quickly responded back that it was his eyes!


— Fans


Hearing the answer, BamBam decided it was the perfect time for a little JB teasing. The only problem was, he forgot all about the translator!

Eyes? Have you seen his eyes before?

— BamBam


As the only Thai member of GOT7, BamBam has on occasion has used it to advantage to tease his members without them realizing it. Because of this, when he realized that the translator translated what he had said, he knew that he was in trouble.


And he was! As soon as JB heard what BamBam had said he playfully grabbed a stool and started chasing after BamBam causing a whole lot of laughter from fans.


When JB put the chair down with a chuckle and headed back to his own seat, BamBam had fans laughing once again with his insistence to the translator that there was no need to translate everything he had said!

Noona, you don’t have to translate every word!

— BamBam


Ahgases have been cracking up over the entire situation and can’t help thinking that if JB is lucky, maybe now BamBam will think twice before teasing his members in Thai!


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