8 Times GOT7’s BamBam Had Absolutely No Chill

Savage tweets, GOT7 member roasts, and much more!

GOT7‘s BamBam is a total savage. From the things he says to what he posts online, nothing is off-limits. His no-filter personality is part of what makes him so loveable (and hilarious)! Check out these 8 iconic moments when BamBam took the phrase “no chill” to the next level.

| @BamBam1a/Twitter

1. When he broke the internet and played Among Us with fans

Many iconic moments were created from this one simple game of Among Us. His savage responses were typical BamBam style.

Additionally, his keen deceptive abilities helped propel him to victory.

As a bonus, his BLACKPINK promotion had fans rolling.

2. His unfollowing spree

When GOT7 was preparing to leave JYP Entertainment, BamBam (along with many others) unfollowed CEO Park Jin Young on both Instagram and Twitter.

To make it even better, he responded to the events with a hilarious GIF on Twitter.

| @aegbeom/Twitter

3. Saying “sayonara” to old pictures

Simultaneously, he deleted pictures with the CEO on both social media sites…

| @foxyeeun/Twitter

…including this “JYP is the best” tweet.

| @foxyeeun/Twitter

4. His savage tweets to fans

BamBam isn’t afraid to flirt on the Twitter timeline.

He definitely doesn’t mind giving a witty response or two!

5. When he roasted JB

When discussing hairstyle choices, BamBam said that being good-looking would make any hairstyle work.

| WA LALLA/YouTube 

JB, who was just discussing his hair choice, denied BamBam’s compliment.

| WA LALLA/YouTube 

However, BamBam totally played him by saying it was meant for Mark. Ouch!

| WA LALLA/YouTube 

6. When he said why he works out

When asked about his new love for fitness, BamBam leaves nothing to the imagination.

| ENOZI Books/YouTube 

It’s simple: He gets muscles to show them off! Did you think this was about health or something?

| ENOZI Books/YouTube 

7. When he gave nosey fans a “room tour”

During an online broadcast, fans began to pressure BamBam to show his house.

BamBam wasn’t budging with this answer (He needs his privacy)!

Eventually, he settled on a “really quick” room tour.

That’s the room tour! If you blinked, you might have missed it.

8. When he ended all fanwars with a single piece of wisdom

BamBam once spoke unfiltered words of wisdom about K-Pop artists during an interview with Billboard.

You know we do a lot of arenas, right? Some places we’re the first K-Pop group that can perform there and they get sold out, and it’s an honor.

As a K-Pop artist, I feel like another group can get some energy from us too.

— BamBam

K-Pop is not a competition; It’s a community that should support each other and be proud of each other’s accomplishments!

K-pop is not just gossip – we’re all family. Like, other groups, even if we’re from different companies. So we can all make K-Pop bigger so another group can come and perform here too.

— BamBam

Whatever BamBam discusses, he isn’t afraid to unleash his true feelings — and that’s why we love his “no chill” personality!

| @bambam1a/Instagram