GOT7 Get Along With Everyone In K-Pop — And Here Are 11 Fan-Favorite Interactions To Prove It

GOT7 being the social butterflies of K-Pop.

Fans online have been reminiscing about their favorite interactions between GOT7 and their K-Pop idol friends, and the content is admittedly too wholesome. GOT7 have cultivated some really cute friendships over the years, and even though this list by no means covers them all, here are 11 of the cutest moments between the members and some of their idol friends!


1. GOT7 and MAMAMOO’s Solar

GOT7 and MAMAMOO have promoted together before, so it makes sense that they are friends. This fan-favorite clip of GOT7 being overly enthusiastic supporters of Solar says it all!

2. Jay B and MONSTA X’s Joohoney

Joohoney is known to be a particularly affectionate person, but this sweet moment of him hugging Jay B is still so unexpectedly cute!

3. Jackson and WayV’s Winwin

Jackson and Winwin were on a variety show together in China, and they spent plenty of time with each other carrying out multiple activities…and gifting fans with cute moments such as this one.

4. Jay B and MAMAMOO’s Wheein

This clip is short, but sweet. Especially when you consider that the two of them have collaborated together on one of Jay B’s songs! It would be nice to see them collaborate together again.

5. Jay B and BTS’s Jin

These two developed a sweet friendship with each other, and these pictures of them hanging out and having fun at ISAC prove it!

6. GOT7 and MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

This clip of Minhyuk and GOT7 is hilarious—and it is made all the more funny by how easily he blends in with them!

7. Jackson And BTS’s RM

Jackson is famously good friends with many idols, and his friendship with RM is a very prominent one. This clip of Jackson talking about RM proves how highly Jackson regards him.

8. GOT7 and MONSTA X

This clip of MONSTA X and GOT7 together on live is simply iconic.

9. BamBam and EXO’s Chen and Sehun

This older clip of BamBam and Chen is chaotic and hilarious, right down to the way BamBam says that he hoped “Call Me Baby” would win.

10. Jackson and BTS’s Suga

This video of Jackson getting scared when he thought Suga was JYP will live on as another classic GOT7/BTS interaction.

11. Mark and THE BOYZ’s Eric

Eric has spoken before about the friendship he developed with Mark. They both come from LA, so they have a few things in common. He said the two of them hung out a lot, so this clip is not altogether surprising—though it is adorable!





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