5+ GOT7’s Jackson Wang Fan Interactions That Are Straight Out Of A K-Drama

Jackson is a true gentleman!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang continually reminds us that chivalry is not quite dead. No one can deny that he is quite a gentleman as he is extremely considerate and respectful. He’s been praised for his “manner hands” when performing with Jessi, and he’s even offered to send money to f(x)‘s Amber Liu when he thought she had none. But, he treats everyone the same, whether they are a fellow idol or even a fan of his.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @JacksonWang852/Twitter

So, here are 5+ Jackson Wang fan interactions that are so sweet that they literally seem straight out of a K-Drama or fan fiction…

1. When he saved a fan

Seriously, what in the Wattpad is this?


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♬ love you like a love song – chillytunees

2. When he jumped into the audience to help a hurt fan

During GOT7’s NESTIVAL concert in Thailand, he kicked what seemed to be a balloon or a ball that ended up accidentally hitting a fan in the audience. When he realized it, he immediately jumped off the stage, went into the audience, and checked on them.

3. When he defended one of his fans who was pushed

A photographer pushed an Ahgase, and Jackson told him off!

4. When he told a fan that he watches her YouTube videos

In an interview with radio host and YouTuber Brooke Morrison, he recognized her from her reaction videos!

5. When he straight-up flirted with fans

Who can forget this iconic moment?

6. When he invited a fan to visit him in China

During an interview, radio host Jade revealed that she was actually a fan of Jackson’s, and he had the cutest reaction! At the end of the interview, he even invited her to visit him in China and offered to show her around.

Jackson Wang seems so perfect that we’re convinced he was written by a woman.

Source: Image (1) and (2) and Q997