Just 15 Photos Of GOT7’s JB Looking Hotter Than Surface Of The Sun In Ripped Jeans

Caution: JB in ripped jeans is sizzling hot. Be careful not to get burned.

If we’re honest, GOT7‘s JB could wear a potato sack and still look hot but when he wears ripped jeans…well…he should come with a fire warning! And luckily for us all (although maybe not so luckily for our hearts), JB’s closet is full of the ripped up apparel. We’ve compiled a list of some sizzling hot jeans looks JB has rocked for your enjoyment. Be careful not to get burned!

1. Is it getting hot in here or is it just JB?

2. He jumped straight past warm to piping hot!

3. Countdown to combustion in…

4. 3…2…1 🔥🔥🔥

5. Someone might want to call the fire brigade…

6. Grab an extinguisher…

7.  Or at least some water…

8. Because JB is setting fire to all our hearts!

9. Just JB keeping the blaze going

10. And making us feel very, very, very attacked!

11. Scorching hot

12. And burning bright

13. The temperature’s rising…

14. And it just keeps going up!

15. The surface of the sun? Roughly 10,000°F (5,600°C)! JB? He’s surpassed that temp!