30+ Photos That Prove GOT7’s JB Looks Superior In Every Color Of The Rainbow

From red to blue and beyond, JB rocks them all:

Trying to pick out the best color for GOT7‘s JB is an impossible task. After all, how could anyone possibly choose the best color when he looks so heart-fluttering in all of them? From red to blue and beyond, here are a handful of pictures that prove JB more than rocks every single color of the rainbow.

1. I just can’t stop raving about JB in red

2. JB giving us all an extra dose of vitamin C in orange

3. Just as the sun warms our souls, JB in yellow does too!

4. From neon to forest green, JB rocks them all

5. Beautiful in blue doesn’t even begin to describe it

6. Perfect in purple

7. Pretty in pink? Well, more like heart-stoppingly handsome!

8. Who knew brown could be so hot?

9. The ABCs of JB in black. Amazing, Bold, Chic!

10. Gorgeous in gray? You bet!

11. JB looks absolutely wonderful in white too!