4 Times GOT7 Spoke Their True Thoughts About JYP Entertainment After Leaving The Agency

Youngjae revealed the text messages he received from Park Jin Young.

GOT7 left JYP Entertainment in early 2021, and since leaving, the members have spoken a few times about the agency and Park Jin Young (the head of JYP Entertainment). Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Youngjae revealing the messages he received from Park Jin Young

In Youngjae’s appearance in VIXX Ravi‘s show Question Mark, he spoke about the text messages he received from Park Jin Young when his contract with JYP Entertainment was coming to an end.

GOT7’s Youngjae

At that time, Park Jin Young was busy with his promotions with singer Rain. Park Jin Young, however, still found time to text Youngjae, and the messages touched Youngjae.

So, when we were dealing with all that, PD-nim (Park Jin Young) was actually kind of busy promoting his project with Rain. But even so, he made sure to keep communicating with me via text.

He messaged me separately multiple times, saying whatever I decide to do, he will support me. He said, ‘If there’s anything you don’t know or anything that makes you uncomfortable in any way, come talk to me, and we’ll figure it out together.’ So I was really touched.

— Youngjae

2. Jay B’s simple message about JYP Entertainment

In an Instagram live, Jay B (formerly known as JB) gave a simple message to fans about JYP Entertainment.

GOT7’s Jay B

A fan commented that they started liking GOT7 more after they left JYP Entertainment.

While Jay B appreciated this fan for liking GOT7 more, he told everyone they shouldn’t forget the amount of effort JYP Entertainment put into GOT7.

It’s good that you like us more, but please don’t forget how our late company (JYP Entertainment) put a lot of effort into us.

— Jay B

Jay B concluded by saying that he wishes fans wouldn’t say bad things about their past agency.

I think of it that way. There are no people who don’t give effort. Everyone lives working hard. I wish Ahgases won’t be saying bad things on that part.

— Jay B

3. BamBam speaking on why he unfollowed Park Jin Young on social media

Around the time when GOT7 was about to leave JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young unfollowed some of the members on social media. In response, BamBam unfollowed Park Jin Young and deleted a picture he took with him, and fans found this savage and hilarious.

| @aegbeom/Twitter

In an interview with Vogue Korea, BamBam spoke about this social media incident and his relationship with Park Jin Young. He shared that Park Jin Young recently bought him a meal and told him that he’ll always be a part of the JYP family.

Q: What did you eat?

PD-nim bought me KBBQ. He said, ‘You’re still family to JYP. Let’s work on a collab later.’ It felt encouraging. It’s almost like I graduated from JYP and now adventuring into the new world. Now that I’m with a new agency, I have new friends. But I will never, ever forget my roots at JYP.

— BamBam

GOT7’s BamBam

The two also spoke about the social media incident, and they found out that everything was a big misunderstanding!

Q: There was a bit of talk when you deleted the pic of you & JYP on Instagram.

Oh, PD-nim unfollowed me first – by accident. I asked him about that while having KBBQ. He said he had no idea. He’s not that savvy with Instagram. I deleted the picture because I felt a bit salty – and I told him that. He laughed at me so hard. So I want everyone to know now, there’s no beef there. I am always and forever welcome at JYP to eat at the organic restaurant they have there. I’ve got unlimited access.

— BamBam

Park Jin Young

4. Jay B revealing how he felt when leaving JYP Entertainment

In an interview with THE STAR MAGAZINE, Jay B revealed how he felt when leaving JYP Entertainment.

Jay B said that he wanted to be careful with his answer since he didn’t want it to sound like he was saying negative things about his past agency.

He shared that he and the members talked a lot about if they wanted to stay or leave JYP Entertainment when their contracts were coming to an end. The members eventually decided that they would leave, and JYP Entertainment thanked the GOT7 members for all their hard work and told them they would support their future. The members also thanked JYP Entertainment for everything they had done for them.