Here Are 20+ Times When GOT7 Proved Themselves To Be LGBTQIA+ Allies

GOT7 have shown their support for LGBTQIA+ in many different ways.🏳️‍🌈

GOT7 is perhaps one of the most openly outspoken K-Pop groups in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Their music has even been played at the Seoul Queer Festival Parade. This annual event includes a film festival and pride parade in which only artists who support LGBT+ are included.

Here are 20+ times GOT7 proved themselves to be LGBTQIA+ allies…

1. When Jay B recommended LGBT-themed movies

He watched Bohemian Rhapsody and Call Me By Your Name, which both focus on gay characters, and bought their soundtracks.

| Instagram

2. When Jackson accepted an Ahgase’s pride flag at one of GOT7’s concerts

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3. Their friendship with Hong Seok Cheon

Jay B and Jackson have gone to dinner with Hong Seok Cheon, one of the few openly gay entertainers in South Korea.

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Jackson has a great friendship with him especially. Even during their rookie years, they were proud of their friendship, unafraid of how their growing fanbase might perceive them.

4. When Jay B supported gay music artists on Instagram

Jay B has posted his support for singer-songwriter MRSHLL. He is one of the first openly gay K-Pop artists, as he came out in an interview in 2015.

| @girlsgotseven/Twitter & @prdsdef/Instagram
| @girlsgotseven/Twitter & @marshallxyz/Instagram

The two are friends, and MRSHLL went to GOT7’s concert in 2019.

| @girlsgotseven/Twitter & @deepshower/Instagram

Jay B also appeared to be a fan of MNEK, another openly gay music artist.

| @girlsgotseven/Twitter & @mnek/Instagram
| @girlsgotseven/Twitter & @mnek/Instagram

5. When BamBam wore a “Love Will Win” jacket at one of GOT7’s concerts

6. When GOT7 showed support for a lesbian couple at their concert

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7. When Jackson said this to MONSTA X’s Joohoney…

8. When Jinyoung took an Ahgase’s bi pride flag at GOT7’s concert

9. BamBam’s love for male Ahgases

10. When Jackson modeled for Adidas’ 2020 Pride Month collection

11. When Jay B was happily holding a “MEN LIKE GOT7 2” sign at a GOT7 concert

12. BamBam’s respect for an openly gay Thai host

13. When Jackson unintentionally helped a male fan come out…

An Ahgase posted a blog post on Amino titled “Jackson Is Helping Me Come Out.” He explained how he realized that he liked boys in the 7th grade. Coming from a religious family and a conservative culture, he attempted to keep it a secret. When he discovered GOT7, he soon realized Jackson was his bias. After finding out that his favorite member was supportive of the LGBT+ community, he slowly became more comfortable in his own identity and ultimately come out as gay.

| Jacksons Boyfriend/Amino

14. When Jinyoung read the gay novel Call Me By Your Name

| JYP Entertainment

15. Jackson’s comfortability with other guys

Jackson has literally never experienced “gay panic” before.


Ok but He’s like really good at this😂 from his experience @jacksonwang #ericnam #jacksonwang #teamwang #got7

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16. Jinyoung and Jay B’s support for the “Me Too” movement

They are some of the few idols to speak out in support of the “Me Too” movement. Some Koreans consider this to be a feminist movement which is not usually well accepted.

I want to applaud everyone who has courageously spoken up. I believe there is a lot of unspoken pain everywhere, not just in the cultural or entertainment circles. I hope that they will be able to shake off their pain and confidently rise up again during and after the ‘Me Too’ movement. I hope the ‘Me Too’ movement becomes a good influence that spreads throughout society in general. I want to express my support and gratitude.

— Jinyoung

I hope that such reprehensible acts will disappear. It makes me think that I have to mature properly. I thought it would be best if I become a role model without any disgraceful aspects as time goes on and I become a senior [in the industry] myself. There are many programs within the agency. We have been receiving sex education since we were trainees. We can also receive ‘mental care.’

— Jay B

17. Youngjae wearing safety pins

Youngjae has oftentimes been seen wearing a safety pin, which is meant to symbolize being an ally for any minority group, including LGBTQIA+.

18. Jay B’s views on masculinity and feminity

He explained to Allure magazine how his definitions of masculine and feminine have changed. For example, he once considered things like manicures as feminine and now likes them.

[Rather] than thinking in two separate categories of masculine and feminine, I just express [the things that I like] in the way that feels like me… Of course, [my definitions] change from time to time… And when I was growing my hair out, at first, I thought I would look feminine. Then, I realized there’s no masculine or feminine way of doing things. And after trying it out, I felt like the look is just like me in my own style.

— Jay B

19. When BamBam displayed an Ahgase’s pride flag at the Keep Spinning World Tour concert in Oakland

| @sweetie_bam/Twitter

20. When Jackson wore rainbow face paint on Fighting Man

21. When Jinyoung was completely unphased by this moment…


Kyaaa my favourite men #thedeviljudge #kdrama2021 #kdramalover #jinyoung #got7 #jisung #kpopfyp2021 #fypkdrama

♬ Alcohol-Free – TWICE

22. When Jackson asked the real questions

When might we see a same-sex pairing on We Got Married?

23. Mark’s love for his sister

Mark has a close relationship with all of his siblings, one of them being his sister Grace, who is married to a woman. No family loves each other more than the Tuans!

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24. When Yugyeom did this photoshoot…

25. GOT7’s “I Am Me” is low-key a pride anthem

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Source: @ARSNATI0N, Allure, @galaxyhyuk, @girlsgotseven and Image