Members Of GOT7 Bravely Speak Up Their Thoughts About Korea’s #MeToo Movement

They revealed their honest thoughts on the most controversial topic in Korea right now.

In a recent interview, GOT7 members Jinyoung and JB revealed what they thought about Korea’s #MeToo movement.

GOT7’s interview took place to promote the group’s upcoming album release.


When asked about the movement, Jinyoung answered, “I’m grateful the victims stepped forward and shared their stories.”

“I would think this is happening not only in the entertainment business, but also in other industries. I hope the movement spreads to help victims relieve the pain and help the society for the better. I support #MeToo and thank those who are participating in the movement.” — Jinyoung


JB added, “I applaud those who found the courage to speak up.”

“I hope such disrespectful and shameful things would stop. It makes me think that I should always be aware and honorable. When time passes and I am older, I would like to have no past secrets. I will strive to become a role model for rookies, so I will always be diligent and cautious.” — JB


GOT7 explained that JYP Entertainment offers sexual education to its idols and trainees.

“JYP Entertainment offers various educational programs, like sex ed and mental care. Park Jin Young and the agency really value character. So we are constantly told and educated on the subject.”  JB


With the recent idol group member allegations, Korean entertainment management agencies are stepping up their preventative education measures.

Source: THE STAR
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