Idol Entertainment Agencies Are On Full Alert Because Of The #MeToo Movement

South Korean entertainment agencies are on full alert for any possible accusations to come.

With the latest #MeToo allegations against male K-Pop boy group members, South Korean entertainment agencies are busy making sure their stars are free of any dark secrets.

The number of cases accusing various male idols is increasing, but the identities have yet to be revealed. South Korean entertainment agencies are now looking into their idols’ and trainees’ pasts as well. With the latest male idol’s possible misconduct being from prior to his debut, agencies are double checking the pre-debut lives of their idols and trainees.

“Agencies are checking with their idols and trainees if there’s anything to be shared about their school days, etc.

If the idol trained with the agency since young, it is less likely for the idol to have any issues. The agency would know about it. But if the idol didn’t train with the agency for a long time, or if he/she debuted shortly after signing with the agency, things could be different.

The agency cannot know everything about the idol’s past, so if the idol hid anything from the agency then it could become a problem.”

— Industry Insider

The agencies are said to be taking precautions since a scandal could ruin the entire management business and the groups’ futures.

Source: ISPLUS

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