Male Idol Accused Of Sexual Harassment In Light Of The #MeToo Movement

A male idol group member has been accused.

A boy group band member has been accused of sexual harassment in the latest #MeToo movement reveal. An online post recently went viral where a girl revealed she was sexually harassed by an idol member in the bathroom.

“On a winter day between 6th and 7th grade, in a PC Cafe in Jangwidong, you told me you had something to tell me so you took me to a bathroom and then locked the door. You leaned in as if you were going to whisper something into my ear, but you licked it instead. I was so surprised I couldn’t move, and you started touching my body. You touched my genitals and butt then started putting your tongue in my mouth. And then you threatened me if I screamed out for help or ran away, you would spread rumors around about me.”

— Victim

Because he went to an all-boys middle school, she didn’t have to see him at school, which she was relieved about. She then revealed he blackmailed her into sending him nudes of herself.

“If I didn’t send him nudes of myself through Buddy Buddy (online messaging app), he said there would be rumors of what happened that day. I wanted to avoid the image of being surrounded by sexual rumors about me when I just entered middle school so I sent you the pictures and begged that you wouldn’t spread any rumors.”

— Victim

After hearing that he would debut in an idol group, she was relieved as he wouldn’t be able to do anything with her nudes without public backlash. Scarred by her experience, she continued to avoid him and changed TV channels whenever he appeared.

But after seeing other women stand up for themselves, she finally called him out by saying she is not the only victim and wondered why his name hasn’t been mentioned on the news yet.

“It’s not just me but other girls too who have been victims of your actions so why haven’t I seen your name mentioned in the MeToo movement yet?”

— Victim

The idol’s identity has yet to be revealed and no formal charges have been made.

Source: Liveen

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