10 Of GOT7’s Song Lyrics That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

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Got7 are known for their deep love for one another and for their fans, and they express this beautifully in their music. From expressions of gratitude to being honest with insecurities, these lyrics will tug at your heartstrings, and have you falling in love with the boys even more.

1. “To us that were experiencing everything for the first time, everything about you was a gift.”  “Encore”

Jinyoung penned the lyrics to GOT7’s first song after leaving JYP, and the gratitude and love in each of their voices gives strength and comfort to Ahgases as we wait for them. Our wait may be almost over now that all the members have hinted at a comeback soon, but this song will forever be a promise between fans and GOT7 to be together until the end.

2. “I’ve always been running without looking back. Whenever I run out of breath, please be my sky.”  “You Are”

Jay B wrote this beautiful song expressing gratitude towards a loved one, and I haven’t looked at the sky the same since it came out. And don’t get me started on how breathtaking the music video is.

3. “I can’t handle it, this weight on my shoulders. It scares me more as you become more precious. When I’m covered in the shadows, my mind becomes unstable, the anxiety gets worse, get away.”  “Eclipse”

Another track written by GOT7’s leader, the message expressed by “Eclipse” is one anyone can relate to. The more you love someone, the scarier it is, because there’s always the question of what happens if that love is taken away, or worse, destroyed by your own hands. We all have insecurities, but GOT7 encourages listeners to fight the fear, because the promise and memory of love is worth so much more.

4. “I remember to this day, in my dark sky, the green starlights would shine down, one by one, gently approaching me, building up in my heart quickly, becoming a galaxy so full it’s dazzling.”  “Miracle”

This song, through and through, is for Ahgases, and the story behind the music video will make you cry. A young Ahgase battling with cancer longed to see the boys in person, because GOT7 had been her source of light during the times she was struggling. Unfortunately, she passed before she could see them. GOT7 has always been the light fans hold onto through both happy and sad times, and this song reminds us that these feelings go both ways. Just like GOT7 is a miracle to Ahgases, Ahgases are miracles to GOT7.

5. “The lights were dying inside of me, but you’ve put warmth in my heart, you’ve filled it up, and now we’re breathing the same breath.”  “Breath”

Penned by Youngjae, this upbeat song has the most wholesome lyrics, and there’s something so poetic about sharing the same breath.

6. “Even if tomorrow is unknown, it’ll be okay if I’m with you. Let’s go until the end, see the sunrise, you and me. Where I go, it feels like I’m with you, that’s the reason I live.”  “The Reason”

Bambam wrote the lyrics to this song, and there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that no matter where you are, someone will be there with you.

7. “Look at me, I’m here, I’m hurt, but even you are treating me coldly. I’m tired of myself too. In the end, it’s already done, tell me honestly.”  “To Me”

Yugyeom wrote this song for GOT7’s 7 for 7 album (can you tell it’s my favorite?), and while the lyrics are full of hurt and betrayal, the vulnerability strikes a chord with all who listen.

8. “Look in the mirror, take a good look at yourself, find yourself, love yourself, do you notice?”  “I Am Me”

Jinyoung wrote this song to reflect on his values of believing in himself and going his own way, instead of walking the path made by someone else. In a society where comparison and competition erode at our self-love and confidence, the understanding that we are beautiful just as we are is so important.

9. “I’m missing your face, I miss you dreadfully. Come back to me, remember, like the first time we promised last forever.”  “Face”

Jackson, Mark, and BamBam helped write the lyrics for this song, and while some of the lyrics are romantic, feelings of longing and promises of forever are things anyone can cherish, no matter the relationship. This live performance of the song just shows how much these emotions resonate with GOT7.

10. “The moment when you called my name, it was finally then that I found meaning.”  “You Calling My Name”

The poetry of these lines is a direct refute against Shakespeare’s classic line, “What’s in a name?”, and I’m all for it.