15 Of The Greatest Easter Eggs Hidden Around K-Pop MVs

How many did you find?

Have you ever watched a movie and noticed little references to other things in them? Well, films aren’t the only entertainment that includes hidden easter eggs for fans to discover! Many K-Pop artists hide sweet messages to fans, pop culture references, or bits of their former work inside some of their releases. Here are just a few easter eggs that are hidden inside K-Pop MVs!


1. Kai’s dance break in EXO’s “Lucky One”

if you’ve ever watched “Lucky One” and thought the moment when Kai starts dancing is a little bit strange there’s actually a very good reason it’s there!


EXO-Ls know that Kai’s sudden dance break in the middle of “Lucky One” was actually a hidden easter egg to show the final chorus choreography in “Monster” which was released an hour after the “Lucky One” MV.


2. The parallels in TWICE’s “TT” MVs

TWICE released two separate versions of “TT”, one in Korean and one in Japanese. But what may be surprising is that the Japanese release actually has a number of hidden easter eggs that reference the girls’ characters in the Korean version! For example, in front of Mina is a movie ticket with a skull and crossbones.


Meanwhile, her character in the other MV is a pirate!


3. SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice” choreography

SEVENTEEN love to throw-back to their previous choreography moves. One of the best examples of this is in “Very Nice”.


This choreography starts from the ending move of “Pretty U” while also including the “yeppeuda” move from the song. On top of that, “Very Nice” incorporates the point dance and scorpion move from “Adore U”


4. The Nintendo surprise in EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop”

If you’re a fan of the Legend of Zelda games you may have just noticed something really interesting that was said in EXO‘s “Ko Ko Bop”! During the dance break right around the 2:17 mark you can hear the word “listen” being said.


And that same listen just so happens to be what Navi, Link’s navigation helper says when you try to talk to her!


5. The not so subtle hidden MV in VIXX’s “G.R.8.U”

VIXX love to have throwbacks or parallels to their previous choreographies and one of the most obvious but sometimes overlooked times is when they literally started their “G.R.8.U” MV with a clip from “Hyde”.


6. Gugudan’s inner Dragon Ball-Z

Gugudan added in one incredibly playful pop culture reference in their “Chococo” MV. During the MV, Sejeong can be seen channeling her powers before going Super Sayan on the chocolate around her!


7. BTS’s hidden message in “Prologue”

BTS is a group that absolutely loves to hide secret messages in their MVs. They’ll reference books, hide quotes in plain view, and try to get our brains working on new theories. But one often overlooked message is in their “Prologue” MV. In the background of one scene, you can see the numbers 0516 which happened to be a hint at their future promotions. On May  2016, they dropped their comeback tracks “Fire”, “Save Me”, and “Butterfly”!


8. The many messages in BTS’s “Fire”

While every ARMY is always looking out for hidden things in BTS‘s MVs, “Fire” had one that might just make your jaw drop. Besides the moment that the boys are actually listening to “Dope” at the beginning, there’s actually a reference to Pink Floyd! The album art for “Wish You Were Here” featured two men shaking hands as one of them caught on fire.


Obviously, you know how that ties in!


9.  BIGBANG outfits in G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind”

G-Dragon always has such fun concepts in his music videos but have you ever noticed the many outfits that make their appearance around the 2:45 mark? Each of these outfits is from previous BIGBANG MVs!


10. The Alice in Wonderland references in IU’s “23”

IU‘s “23” is absolutely teeming with references to Alice in Wonderland. The most obvious one is that IU is chasing the white rabbit throughout the MV, but the cake and tea party also reference the book. Not only that but you might have missed the hidden Cheshire cat that blinks out from one wall and her striped outfit also seems to reference the character!


11. The watch in MONSTA X’s “Beautiful”

During their “Beautiful” MV, you catch a very clear view of a watch that displays 5:14. The time is no accident! It’s actually the day that the group’s debut music video for “Trespass” was released!


12. Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” display

Throughout “Lion Heart” each of the girls can be seen holding objects that all display the numbers 0805. This is a reference to the girls’ debut, but that’s not where the references end! Yoona can be seen holding a train ticket that also includes the numbers 1719 which is a combination of the release date of the music video and the studio album!


13. BIGBANG’s film reference in “Bang Bang Bang”

You remember that scene in “Bang Bang Bang” where T.O.P is in a room interacting with the astronaut version of himself? Yeah, well that’s a direct reference to “2001: A Space Odyssey”! You’ll never be able to look at that scene the same way again.


14. TWICE’s “What Is Love” time

TWICE also loves to include easter eggs in their videos and “What Is Love” has numerous ones. But one of the cutest is the time that the clock strikes, since 6:00 was when the MV was released!


15. Dal Shabet’s horror theme in “Someone Like U”

Some fans have noticed that the map featured in Dal Shabet‘s “Someone Like U” music video bears a striking resemblance to the game map in Silent Hills 3!


Coincidence or not?