5 Groups Who Proved Their Dance Skills With Different Choreos For Each Chorus

There’s only one girl group on the list 😯

The K-Pop industry has known many idols that are exceptionally talented at dancing. With performances being a big part of a group’s identity, it’s no surprise many go above and beyond when trying to impress fans through their choreography.

EXO – CBX | SM Entertainment

Despite this, not many have pulled off a feat as difficult as having different choreographies for each chorus of a song. There are many factors that make this an extremely hard trick to do, as idols need to have amazing stamina and incredible memorization skills to correctly perform the dance moves in the right sequence. Its difficulty is the reason why we can only name a few artists that need to be praised for making the extra effort to entertain fans in this way, with these five K-Pop groups standing out.

Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi

1. Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi

Everybody was expecting nothing short of excellence when the news of Red Velvet‘s best dancers, Irene and Seulgi, forming the group’s first-ever subunit came out. Surpsingly, we were greeted with something far better. Aside from their hit title track “Monster” the two gorgeous and talented idols surprised fans by releasing a follow-up single, “Naughty,” and even promoted it on music shows.

“Naughty” turned heads and caught the attention of most, if not all, K-Pop fans out there — not only due to its catchy beat but also because of its unique and extremely difficult choreography that included “tutting” for the majority of the song. But that’s not all, Irene and Seulgi went the extra mile and decided to up the difficulty even more by performing a different choreography sequence for each of the song’s choruses, showcasing their excellent chemistry.

2. EXO – CBX

Another subunit on this list is EXO‘s first-ever one, EXO – CBX. The name stands for each of the members: Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. The three EXO members joined forces on October 2016 when they made their official debut with the Hey Mama! mini album. Their comeback came later, in 2018 with their second mini album Blooming Day.

The title track of the same name was loved by many, EXO fans and non-fans alike, and praised for its difficult and upbeat choreography, which changes for each of the choruses.


SEVENTEEN have now grown accustomed to receiving praise for their incredible performing skills, just like we have grown accustomed to giving it. Thus, it’s expected of them to be on this list.

While the majority of SEVENTEEN’s performances are noteworthy, fans excitedly noted that for each of the choruses in the group’s single “Ready To Love,” the members had prepared separate dance sequences.


Yet another boy group known for their explosive performances, ATEEZ proudly joined this unique list with their 2019 single “Say My Name.” The boy group has received praise for their powerful performances and concerts several times in the past, but the choreography for this single in particular was special.

An already fan-favorite title track, “Say My Name” was even more loved by ATINYs when fans noticed the boys performed a different set of moves for each of the song’s choruses.

5. JustB

Despite it being only their second comeback, JustB were not afraid to try something as intense as having this feat in their choreography. JustB immediately impressed K-Pop fans with their catchy music and addictive choreography, but it wasn’t until the release of their second mini album Just Begun that they left a long-lasting impression on fans.

Fans had nothing but praise to say for the hardworking members when they noticed them effortlessly pulling off three different choreography sequences for the three choruses on their single “Re=load.”