It Was 2015’s Hallyu Dream Concert That Revealed Which K-Pop Idols Can Really Sing Live

They never needed the MR.

The 2015 Hallyu Dream Concert in Gyeongju had what is the most “live” sounding live performances by the hottest K-Pop idol groups at the time. Because of the audio quality (or the lack of any quality) which made the MR barely audible, the audience ended up hearing the rawest version of every sound that came through the microphones. Even so, these crazy-talented groups sounded nothing short of absolute perfection — proving they can really, really sing.


1. GOT7

We’re not over how JB‘s voice literally pierces through the air.


2. SHINee

This performance makes us miss Jonghyun and his unforgettable voice even more.


3. Red Velvet

No choreography can stop Red Velvet from hitting those notes correctly.



Joohoney spits fire whenever, wherever he wants; he never needed any MR.



Though disbanded, SISTAR will forever hold a special place in our hearts as vocal queens.

Source: THEQOO