20 Times Ha Sungwoon’s Doll-like Visuals Will Convince You He’s Made Of Porcelain

Even his bare face is flawless.

Ha Sungwoon isn’t just an all-rounder idol — He also happens to be blessed with the insanely gorgeous visuals of a porcelain doll. Here are 20 times his big eyes, round lips, and supple skin were enough to make fans absolutely lose their minds.

1. It’s no surprise he’s obsessed with skincare.

2. Only Sungwoon would look this flawless in the jungle.

3. Perfect skin and perfect facial features!

4. Which one is the teddy bear?

5. He resembles a prince in this outfit.

6. Everyone wants smooth and supple skin like his!

7. He’s an anime character in real life.

8. Please drop the skincare routine ASAP.

9. Visuals and talent? Sungwoon is too powerful.

10. He says he’s not cute, but this picture begs to differ.

11. Looking like a high school crush.

12. Sungwoon’s skin is the 8th wonder of the world.

13. He showed he can be a true tough guy with this performance.

14. So soft.

15. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

16. Throwback to the Produce 101 days.

17. He’s the definition of ethereal beauty.

18. Every girl wants a boyfriend like Sungwoon.

19. Even the way he sings is doll-like.

20. Men, if you’re not Sungwoon, please try harder!