Here Is The Hair Evolution of BTS V

BTS’s V scalp has gone through a lot.

A trip through BTS‘s V hair journey.

1. “No More Dream” Era

For BTS’s debut, V sported an undercut with the top being dyed a dirty blonde.

2. “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” Era

For their first comeback, V maintained his hair from their debut and kept the shaved sides and the dirty blonde hair.

3. “N.O” Era

For “N.O”, V dyed his hair a brown-purple shade. This marks the first time he deviated from the dirty blonde hair.

4. “Boy in Luv” Era

For “Boy in Luv”, he dyed his hair a red-orange. He also dyed his eyebrows to match his new hair color.

5. “Just One Day” Era

For “Just One Day”, V dyed his hair a brighter orange. His hair now Pumpkin Orange, while his hair in the last era was a more Persimmon Orange.

6. “Danger” Era

For “Danger”, V opts for a more natural medium brown tone to suit the serious mood of the song.

7. “War of Hormone” Era

“War of Hormone” is a fun song, so V dyes his hair a mixture of mauve and dark purple. What a fun color!

8. “I Need U” Era

For their “I Need U” era, V dyes his hair a dark brown, almost a black.

9. “Dope” Era

For “Dope”, V maintains his hair from “I Need U”, letting it fade to a lighter brown.

10. “Run” Era

His hair for this era is a mixture of colors. For the most part, it’s a light-medium brown, with some parts dyed blonde and with teal highlights.

11. “Epilogue: Young Forever” Era

For “Young Forever”, V dyes his hair red again, but this time, his hair leans towards a scarlet rather than a red-orange.

12. “Fire” Era

V keeps the red for “Fire” era, which is perfect for the song. The hair is dyed a more intense red, leaning more to chili red.

13. “Save Me” Era

“Save Me” is the third time in a row we see V with a red. His hair is now a vibrant crimson red.

14. “Blood, Sweat & Tears” Era

V looks like a snow prince for their “Blod, Sweat & Tears” era, bleaching his hair blonde. It almost looks white!

15. “Spring Day” Era

For “Spring Day”, V takes a break from the vibrant colors and sticks with light brown hair color.

16. “Not Today” Era

He keeps the light brown for “Not Today” as well.

17. “DNA” Era

For “DNA”, V dyes his hair grey with his bangs being dyed a sea-green. He curls his hair in this comeback, giving fans a taste of wavy-haired V!

18. “Fake Love” Era

For “Fake Love”, V sports a black mullet. Now, you can love or hate mullets, but let’s not deny how amazing he rocks it!

19. “Idol” Era

For “Idol”, V sports a rather unique hairstyle. Half of his hair is dyed blonde, while the other half is dyed a cotton candy pink. His hair is curled again, letting fans enjoy wavy and fluffy haired V.

20. “Boy With Luv” Era

For their latest comeback “Boy With Luv”, V sports a navy blue hairstyle. It’s his first time having blue hair and he definitely rocks it!