The Hairstyle That Korean Stylists Claim Only Very Handsome People Can Pull Off — Here Are 3 Idols That Rocked It

Guess which idol pulled it off?

While everyone is handsome and beautiful in their own way, not all hairstyles are made equal. Some just fit certain facial structures and looks better than others. In particular, the “slicked-back undercut” is said to be one of the most difficult hairstyles to pull off.

This is due to the way that it is unflattering on most people, unless you have the perfect face shape. The slicked-back undercut is very much like the slicked-back ponytail long hair. With the hair at the crown of the face pulled back with mousse and the sides shaved down, one may falsely look chubbier or older with the hair compared to easier styles such as the Korean perm.

The “slicked-back undercut” as seen on models. | theqoo

The hairstyle even made it to the news before when stylists told their customers that the cut would be hard to pull off if one was ugly.

“If you’re ugly, you can’t pull it off… The slicked-back under cut that’s called the identifier of handsome men” | Insite

Despite the hairstyle’s reputation for being a hard one to pull off, three idols have perfectly managed to look hot AF in the style.

1. Stray Kids’ Felix

Felix pulled off a center part version of the slicked-back undercut. He had us swooning with this style as seen in the music video for “God’s Menu”.

2. THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

Juyeon went with the side parted version of the look, with some select strands of fringe in the front to add some variation.

3. NCT’s Jaehyun

Last but definitely not the least, Jaehyun pulled off the badass look in the music video for “Kick It”. They don’t call him the visual for nothing.

Who are some of the other idols that have been seen rocking this look?

Source: theqoo