8 Hairstyles K-Pop Idols Had That Blessed Every K-Pop Fan In 2019

2019 was a good year for hair!

Many K-Pop artists have tried multiple hairstyles throughout the year and there are those some that we want to remember forever.

Here are some hairstyles K-Pop idols had that blessed us all in 2019!

1. TWICE’s Jihyo’ blonde hair

Everyone was shocked and happy to see Jihyo in blonde hair! She looks gorgeous in black hair, but even more so in blonde!

2. CHUNGHA’s braids

CHUNGHA has claimed braids as her signature hairstyle. She looks good in any type of braid and has probably tried every single one!

3. Red Velvet Joy’s bangs

Joy got some bangs this year and she gave the fans a look they never knew they needed.

4. SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s red hair

Mingyu surprised everyone when he performed at SEVENTEEN‘s concert with bright red hair! He even earned the nickname “Spicy Kim” from his members and CARATs.

5. IU’s blue hair

IU colored her hair blue to honor her song “Blueming” from her Love Poem album, and she definitely slayed it!

6. BTS’s Jungkook’s long hair

Jungkook snatched everyone’s hearts when he grew his hair longer than normal! Many people loved the look on him and wished it lasted forever!

7. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk’s short hair

Minhyuk cut his hair short and it turned out for the best because everyone fell in love with him all over again. When everyone thought he couldn’t get any more handsome, he served his fans with this look.

8. MAMAMOO’s Solar’s half and half hair

Although it’s a wig, Solar still wow-ed everyone with this power look! From head to toe, she divided her look to neon green and black, and her hair really stood out!