Here Are All The Hairstyles That Hyuna Has Rocked Flawlessly Since Her Debut

She looks stunning in every style she tries!

Hyuna is an absolute queen, who’s known for her extreme duality on and offstage! With almost 13 years of an entertainment career as an idol, Hyuna has rocked many styles, all with her signature sexy charm! Here are all the hairstyles Hyuna has worn since her debut with Wonder Girls, then 4MINUTE, Trouble Maker, her solo debut and Triple H, and is a true testament to how much she still slays all this time later!

1. “Irony” (Debut With Wonder Girls)


2. “Hot Issue” (Debut with 4MINUTE)


3. “Muzik”


4. “What A Girl Wants”


5. “HuH”


6. “Change”


7. “Mirror Mirror”


8. “Bubble Pop!”


9. “Trouble Maker”


10. “Volume Up!”


11. “Ice Cream”


12. “What’s Your Name”


13. “Is It Poppin’?”


14. “Whatcha Doin’ Today”


15. “Now”


16. “Red”


17. “Crazy”


18. “Because I’m The Best”


19. “Hate”


20. “How’s This?”


21. “365 Fresh”


22. “Babe”


23. “Lip & Hip”


24. “Retro Future”


25. “Flower Shower”

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