Halsey Sweeps Twitter For Kimchi Recommendations — Here’s The Final Lineup For Your Fridge Too


Halsey, adored by K-Pop fans not only for her sheer talent but also her UwU friendship with BTS, took to her personal Twitter account…

Halsey | @iamhalsey/Instagram

… to ask the question of all questions:

Twitter’s K-Food experts pulled through to catch Halsey up on the latest kimchi fads — here’s the lineup to keep your fridge and tummy filled too! 😋😋😋

1. Jongga-Jip Kimchi

Jongga (also known as Chongga) brand offers not only the red cabbage kimchi we know and love, but also the popular variations too — like the white, radish, and even scallion types.

Jongga brand kimchi variations. | @moamartbrisbane/Facebook

Jongga-Jip kimchi should be easy to find in most local Korean stores, as they are one of the largest pre-packed kimchi providers outside Korea. The convenient, smaller packaging is perfect for kimchi lovers who don’t need it every meal, but definitely want it from time to time.

2. Mother In Law’s Kimchi

If the aesthetic also plays a factor when you shop for kimchi, you definitely want to consider this pretty-in-a-jar brand, readily accessible at Whole Foods and online. Like Jongga, Mother-In-Law’s also serves a delicious collection of kimchi variations. This NY-based business also makes Korean pastes — like gochujang.

Beware though, Twitter has seen kimchi-lovers around the world who have been defeated by Mother-In-Law’s kimchi brand’s most excellent, explosive quality fermentation game! The trick? Remove some kimchi from the jar to create “breathing room” for the bubbles to bubble. Cleaning up kimchi-popped fridge is no fun.

3. Seoul Kimchi

Vegans too can have kimchi, with Seoul Kimchi brand’s “naturally probiotic” goodness. The best part about Seoul Kimchi is that it can be found in not-so-Korean supermarkets like Target and Ralph’s!

| @luckyfoods/Facebook

Seoul Kimchi actually offers both original and spicy levels, which is helpful. Plus, you can find either level in bulk-packs online — that is, if you’re really committed and know in your heart that you have no trouble finishing 1.75 pounds of kimchi.

4. Bibigo’s Kimchi

Being a well-known Korean food brand, Bibigo‘s presence on this list should not be too surprising. Though their “main” thing — so to speak — is the mandoo (Korean dumplings), Bibigo’s kimchi isn’t half too bad either!

| bibigomarket.ph

So then what’s the plan?
1. Buy Bibigo’s kimchi AND mandoo. 2. Stuff face. 3. Feel good. 4. Repeat. Duh-doy.

5. Hand Made Kimchi

Now, Halsey did ask for store-bought kimchi… but if the time (and energy) allows, kimchi-fans would agree hands-down that homemade kimchi is always going to be superior. On that note, here’s a how-to video from YouTuber Maangchi. Have fun!

Source: theqoo