All 12 Of Han Ye Seul’s Tattoos Explained

Each have their own special meaning.

Actress Han Ye Seul is known for the many beautiful tattoos she has on her body. For her latest Youtube video, she finally opened up to her viewers about the meaning behind all 12 of her tattoos.

Read on to discover what they mean!

1. Dreamer

The first tattoo that Han Ye Seul showed is the word “dreamer” because she never wants to stop dreaming, and she wants to keep living as a daydreamer.

2. Live Fast Live High

“Live fast, live high” is Han Ye Seul’s take on the saying “Live fast, die young”. Rather than die young, she prefers to live high and classy.

3. Alma Libre

“Alma libre” means “free soul”. It braces up her attitude towards life and is her way of expressing herself.

4. Flower of Life

The flower in the very center of her back is filled with smaller flowers that repeat to form a big circle.

So a circle, a cell, starts dividing up and keeps on dividing itself, like how any life form begins at first.

– Han Ye Seul

5. Philippians 1:6

Philippians 1:6 is a verse from the Bible that she likes to keep in mind. It says,

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

– Philippians 1:6

Han Ye Seul finds comfort in knowing that she will one day be able to discover the purpose of her being. When that day comes, she hopes to be able to serve her role.

6. Trinity

The triangle on her wrist symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

7. Immanuel

The tattoo on the back of her neck says “Immanuel”, meaning God’s children. She joked that even if she has a tattoo with that meaning, she knows that she is the black sheep of her family.

8. Never

Han Ye Seul placed a tattoo with the word “never” on her ring finger for a reason. She never wants to be pressured by society to get married until she has found someone she truly loves.

9. All We Have is Us

There is a saying in the USA that goes “All we have is now”. She morphed this saying into “All we have is us” because she felt as if she and her now ex-boyfriend Teddy were the only people in the world.

10. Initial

Han Ye Seul got the initials of Teddy tattooed on her body sometime during their four-year relationship. She revealed that she has no plans on having it removed.

11. Three Swords

The three swords stand for strength, courage, and protection. She chose these three words to brace herself for the incoming year.

12. Snake

Han Ye Seul wants to have wisdom like a snake because snakes are able to deal with cunning people. Moreover, snakes are capable of shedding their skin, so she too wishes to leave her past behind and move on to a new phase in her life.


Which of Han Ye Seul’s tattoos is your favorite?