Here Are 10+ Times Idols Were Totally Fed Up With Haters

The way #4 deals with haters will make you LOL.

Idols can often become the target of unnecessary negative comments, criticizing them for things that just shouldn’t be said. When posting hate to a celebrity online, some people may believe their actions have no consequences—which is completely inaccurate. Idols are human and can be greatly affected by these harsh words. Here are 10+ times when idols fired back at haters and put them in their places.

1. Somi

Somi called out some haters for their choice of insults.

2.  Momo (TWICE)

Momo questioned why haters even waste their time, stating they must be jealous of her.


3. Jinsol (April)

Fans are proud of Jinsol for putting this hater in their place.


SEVENTEEN fires back to those who call them ugly.

5. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar is not afraid to call out haters for their rude comments on her bare face, expressions, and more.


6. Shuahua ((G)I-DLE)

Shuahua got angry at haters for making rude remarks, saying they could potentially hurt people like her family or friends.


I.M made some points in this speech.

8. Jisoo (Lovelyz)

Tell them, Jisoo.

9. Jessi

Jessi always responds to haters in the best ways!

10. Yein (Lovelyz)

Yein took screenshots of haters’ comments just to have the receipts.

11. Yerin (GFRIEND)

Yerin is grateful for everyone who spends their time on GFRIEND, even the antis.

12. BabySoul and Jiae (Lovelyz)

BabySoul and Jiae say to save your fingers the pain of typing so much hate.