Korean Dating Show “Heart Signal” Seasons 1 To 4 — Are These “Final Couple” Contestants Still Together?

Updates from all the aired seasons.

Heart Signal is one of South Korea’s hottest dating shows. Most of the contestants are catapulted into stardom after the show. With four seasons aired so far, each season produces a few “endgame” couples by the last episode. Wondering if these couples are still together? Here’s the update on each season.

1. Season 4

The latest season produced two couples. The first, Han Kyeo Re and Kim Ji Young are no longer together. Around early October 2023, Kim Ji Young announced that she was single on her Instagram.

Couple Yoo I Su and Kim Min Gyu are still together and going strong.

2. Season 3

Couple Park Ji Hyun and Kim Kang Yeol have broken up. Park Ji Hyun got married recently to an older businessman.

Im Han Byeol and Seo Min Jae displayed animosity after the season ended. Seo Min Jae dated singer Nam Tae Hyun after the season ended but has since broken up.

3. Season 2

Jung Jae Ho and Song Da Eun dated beyond the show but broke up not long after.

They were the only couple in the season.

4. Season 1

The OG season’s couple Jang Chun and Bae Yoon Kyung broke up after a short situationship period.

Shin A Ra and Kang Seong Wook decided to remain as friends after the show concluded.

As such, none of the Heart Signal couples remain together in this present day. Most of the couples ended up breaking up after the season ended.