ICYMI: Here’s 8 Highlights From NCT Mark’s Instagram Live Birthday Party With Johnny And Doyoung

“Is it your first time seeing an alien?”

NCT‘s Mark celebrated his 22nd birthday on August 2nd, and spent some time with fans by livestreaming! He first went on VLIVE where he spoke about a few presents he received, but then went on Instagram to go live again.

Mark in the thumbnail for his birthday VLIVE. | NCT/VLIVE

Here’s a list of 8 highlights from Mark’s hilarious Instagram live!

1. Birthday projects

Mark thanked fans for all of the projects prepared for his birthday! From ads on social media and in train stations, to complete art installations, fans all around the world prepared tons of events for Mark Day.

Mark said people were sending him photos and articles of the projects. He even said the fans prepared more than he did, since his birthday felt like it came fast this year!

2. Birthday presents

Mark flexed his gifts from Jaehyun and Doyoung! He explained that he had been telling them he wanted the bracelets, so Jaehyun and Doyoung bought it for him.

 Doyoung’s present even has a lion on the charm, fitting Mark whose astrological sign is Leo and nickname is “Baby Lion!”

3. Life is full of surprises

Mark was going to end his livestream after less than ten minutes, but he ended up staying longer!

He said “The world, and life, is full of surprises, and it’s good to go in the spontaneous way,” before Johnny joined!

Johnny joining Mark’s Instagram live.

The two played around with some filters before Doyoung also joined the live! Mark wasn’t sure how many people he could add to an Instagram live, so he was super excited that they could gather while social distancing.

Doyoung (bottom right) joined the live.

4. All the filters…

Fans know that the members love using the Instagram filters during their livestream, spending a large chunk just playing around with whatever they can find.

Mark first chose a filter that had the date on it, since it’s his birthday. But when Johnny and Doyoung came, he decided to step up his game!

5. …especially the alien filter

Johnny’s filter of choice today was the alien, which made a whole new persona come out whenever he used it!

It had Mark and NCTzens cracking up every time, especially because Johnny was so committed to his character. After Johnny left the live for a quick moment, he came back and, with the alien filter, said the WiFi is “really bad up here!”

6. Happy birthday, Johnny’s mom!

August 2 isn’t just Mark’s birthday; it’s also Johnny’s mom’s! Johnny said “Happy birthday, mom! … And Mark too, I guess.

It was too funny, and we hope Johnny’s mother had as fun a birthday as Mark!

7. Mr. Moon

They tried to get Taeil to join the Instagram live too! Taeil even commented asking for them to wait for him.

“Let me join”
“I’ll be right back after I wash my hair”
“Hold on a minute”

But they couldn’t figure out how to add him to the livestream, and thought maybe they reached the limit for guests. Taeil later messaged fans on Bubble to tell them he was busy showering so he couldn’t join!

8. Spoilers

The three of them gave a few more spoilers about their upcoming comeback! Doyoung mentioned that there are two titles.

Doyoung also said that their single is a real love song, not “fake” like their recent Japanese single, “Gimme Gimme.”

NCT 127 are scheduled to release a full-length album next month!

NCT127 To Make A Comeback With Full-Length Album This September

Source: Instagram


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