Here’s 8 Spoilers That NCT 127 Just Casually Dropped During Their Latest Livestream

Everything is a possible spoiler when it comes to NCT!

NCT 127 surprised fans with a livestream last night, where the members of course gave some spoilers to NCTzens who are eagerly awaiting the group’s September comeback!

Left to right: Jungwoo, Haechan, Doyoung, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Mark, Johnny, and Taeil. 

Here’s a list of 8 spoilers fans caught during the livestream!


The livestream was originally titled “지구말론 그거 LOVE,” which translates roughly to “In Earth’s words, that’s LOVE.” This was the answer to a question posed during their online fanmeeting as a hint to the comeback’s lyrics! Although it’s not a new spoiler, it’s still important to note!

2. I Am Ground

NCT 127 played the game I Am Ground, one of the group’s favorites. Taeyong said that the title of their new song is “I Am Ground,” and though this was just a joke, it took Mark by surprise! Taeyong said it actually does sound like the real title.

3. Dance Spoilers

Taeil had no hesitation before giving what’s most likely a choreography spoiler — not just once, but three times during the livestream! The first one was this move he did that had Johnny cracking up.

4. Clapping

Jaehyun said that these days, he tends to do this motion when clapping! All the members started joining in with the dance move. NCT DREAM did a similar spoiler with the waving motion of “Hello Future,” so maybe this is similar!

Yuta also did the hand gesture while speaking, sneakily adding to the spoiler!

5. 18 degrees

The members shared some TMIs, where Jaehyun said that the air conditioning is set to 18 degrees Celsius (around 64 degrees Fahrenheit). This might have been just an innocent TMI, but with NCT, you never know!

6. Lemonade timing

For Haechan‘s TMI, he shared that he recently got some lemonade, but wasn’t able to drink it yet. When Mark asked why, he said that the timing is important.

The way he pronounced “timing” — in English, by the way — had Johnny confused, but Mark quickly understood the spoiler Haechan was making and said the maknae thinks so fast!

7. Doyoung to the rescue

The members were about to end the livestream, but Haechan couldn’t miss another opportunity to slip in a little spoiler! He started reciting what could be lyrics, only for Doyoung to cover them up by making a loud noise!

8. Christmas contents

Though this isn’t related to their September comeback (or is it…?), Taeyong mentioned that they just filmed something for Christmas!

The members had a huge reaction, and fans observed Haechan, Doyoung, and Jungwoo looking possibly at their managers, a telltale sign of a big spoiler.

9. Bonus: Mark’s reaction to the spoilers

Though Mark has been surrounded for years by members who love giving away spoilers, he always has the biggest reactions when it happens!

Like here when the members were clapping, he said that they were giving away too much.

And his big reaction to Haechan’s lemonade TMI basically confirmed it’s a spoiler!

Fans have even said if it wasn’t for the members’ reactions, they would probably miss a lot of spoilers.

Johnny said that if fans combined all the spoilers from this live and their fanmeeting, the song could already be figured out! However, the real meaning behind the spoilers probably won’t be known until their comeback, so NCTzens will just have to wait!

Source: VLIVE