Here’s How The BTS Members Look In The “Ugliest Hairstyle In The World”

Do you love it or hate it?

When male idols show up with their hair parted in the middle, some fans start grieving. It’s a pretty controversial hairstyle that some people think is unflattering, even going so far as to call it the ugliest hairstyle in the world. That’s not to say, however, that these male idols stop looking handsome! BTS themselves have rocked the center-part hairstyle several times in the past, and they looked amazing.

Check them out below!

1. Jin

“Worldwide handsome” Jin always lives up to his nickname, even with this center-part hairstyle!

It’s impossible to think of a time when his hairstyle made him look bad.

2. Suga

Suga looks absolutely adorable in this hairstyle…

…but it also makes him look chic!

3. J-Hope

One could argue that a center-part actually suits J-Hope‘s cheerful and lively personality.

It makes him look fun yet sexy—two traits that describe him well!

4. RM

Speaking of sexy, RM manages to look just that with this hairstyle.

It makes him appear more boyish and playful!

5. V

V is known for his devilishly good looks, so it’s impossible for a hairstyle to detract from it.

His visuals are effortlessly handsome, no matter what he does!

6. Jimin

Jimin went a step further with this hairstyle by coloring it a bright shade of purple.

No matter what some may think, he still looks as charming as ever!

7. Jungkook

Jungkook‘s top-notch visuals could make any hairstyle look good on him, even if it looks “ugly” on other people.

His visuals are truly jaw-dropping in every picture!

Do you like this hairstyle on the BTS members…

…or do you still think it’s a pass?