Here’s What BTS’s Suga Was Like When He Was A Student

Suga was quite the student!

During an episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, they took a brief look at what BTS‘s Suga was like as a student and found some interesting details.

Despite Suga’s lethargic nature, he was quite the opposite when he was a student.

One of Suga’s teachers even stated that Suga was a diligent student that never broke a single school rule.

In fact, Suga was a member of the student council at his school.

His main job was to make sure students were following the hair code at his school, which was that students weren’t allowed to have hair that covered their ears.

Suga was also quite the athlete at his school, as he was a part of the basketball team.

He even once received an award from the superintendent of education!

Not only did Suga excel as a student and athlete, but he also showed his musical talents when he helped arrange his school’s anthem.

Here’s the full video below!