Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of Red Velvet

Except… there isn’t much history here. Red Velvet girls are new to the dating game.

None of the Red Velvet members have been involved in an open relationship since debut, but they have talked about dating and rumors before. Check out the girls’ individual dating history and thoughts on relationships!

1. Irene

Irene is said to have dated back in high school, prior to her becoming a trainee at SM Entertainment. There is a very old and almost unverifiable picture of Irene and her ex-boyfriend going around. The picture is said to be Irene and her high school boyfriend in their school uniforms, captured at karaoke.

Post-debut, Irene was involved in a dating rumor with actor Park Bo Gum. She appeared on Radio Star and mentioned that she didn’t know the two of them were rumored to be dating.

When asked about her ideal type, Irene has answered on multiple channels that she likes gentlemen.

I don’t really care about the looks. I want a good personality… Someone with a good heart.

— Irene

Through an interview, Irene mentioned that she also wants someone who has a lot in common with her.

After watching the movie “Man Up”, I realized I want to date someone who has a lot in common with me. I want to be comfortable next to the person I love. I want to be able to show this person who I really am.

— Irene

2. Seulgi

Seulgi has never dated anyone according to her Radio Star interview (among others).

In the past, when Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun talked about Seulgi even before she debuted with Red Velvet, the two almost got involved in a dating rumor. The idea was shot down when Seulgi confirmed Kyuhyun is not her type.

Seulgi explained, “I don’t like guys who have double eyelids.”

Seulgi’s ideal type is “always changing” as she mentioned, but has been narrowed down to actors Ji Sung and Jo Jung Suk. She watched both actors’ K-Dramas and fell in love with the roles they played. Specifically, Seulgi explained she likes guys with whom she can hold a conversation.

I like guys who can talk to me and get me.

— Seulgi

3. Wendy

Wendy has also never dated. Though she tried to pretend she had experience, the small lie detector toy revealed the truth.

Wendy’s ideal type, as revealed on a radio interview, is someone who “is considerate, has good manners, and smiles a lot.”

As for being considerate, I’m pretty considerate so it’s okay if he isn’t. I do want the person to come with great manners though. And I want someone whose smile shows what a good person he is.

— Wendy

On an episode of Knowing Bros, Wendy shared that she likes guys who are nice and caring, like a father-figure.

4. Joy

Joy also shared, during her interview on We Got Married, that she has no experience with dating.

I began agency training when I was in high school. I never had the chance to date. When I go out to see the flowers, I see a lot of couples. It makes me kind of angry. I can’t help but think I’d make a great girlfriend.”

— Joy

Even when she appeared on We Got Married with BTOB‘s Sungjae, the two did not end up involved in any dating rumors.

Joy’s ideal type is rock singer Park Wan Kyu. She fell in love with him after watching a video clip of him singing “Lonely Night” and dancing to it.

He kind of shook his hips like this and it came across as really sexy to me.

— Joy

5. Yeri

Yeri was involved in a dating rumor with NCT‘s Taeyong. While there have been no official statements made about these speculations, fans grew suspicious about the pair’s relationship for a moment, but those rumors have completely died down since.

In the past, Yeri openly shared that her one and only ideal type is actor Jo In Sung. In various interviews, she showed her love for the handsome actor and said she watched all his shows ever since she was young.

I love Jo In Sung. Since I was younger, I’ve watched everything he was in.

— Yeri

Yeri actually has a long and complicated list of traits she wishes to see in her future boyfriend.

I want him to be cautious and gentle. I also want him to have a great memory! I don’t want a bad boy. I don’t want someone who is too sensitive either. I just want him to be kind of like me in a lot of ways.

— Yeri

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