Here’s How Each DAY6 Member Celebrated Wonpil’s Birthday

I think we know who everyone’s favorite is. 😂

Yesterday was the birthday of DAY6‘s Wonpil. Of course, his members couldn’t let him celebrate alone! They each extended birthday wishes in their own unique way.

Here’s how each DAY6 member celebrated Wonpil’s birthday…

1. Wonpil

Wonpil chose to celebrate with fans through a live broadcast. He brought cake too!


2. Young K

Young K played a song in honor of Wonpil during KBS Cool FM‘s Kiss the Radio.

Afterward, he made seaweed soup, a Korean traditional birthday dish, and surprised Wonpil during his live broadcast.


3. Dowoon

Dowoon posted a message on the Bubble app. He asked for advice from fans on what gift he should give to Wonpil before deciding that he himself would be the gift!

Dowoon also wished Wonpil a “Happy Birthday” while on Idol Live. Later, he and Young K made gifts and sang to a cardboard cutout of Wonpil on the show.

4. Jae

He retweeted a birthday message for Wonpil that was posted from DAY6’s official account.

| @day6official/Twitter

5. Sungjin

While in the military, Sungjin returned to Twitter after a year! The last time he used Twitter was also on Wonpil’s birthday. Some things never change as he is still tweeting about food.


Recognizing that his Twitter has a food theme, Sungjin decided to create another account to allow himself more freedom of expression. From there, he wished Wonpil a “Happy Birthday!” 

 I told you I’ll get in touch with you somehow LOL. My other account comes with a concept though, so let’s stay connected on this one!!! LOL. Happy birthday Wonpil LOL.

— Sungjin


Jae ended up liking and commenting on the tweet to which Sungjin teased, “Oh, so that’s how you reply to a tweet LOL.”

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