DAY6’s Young K Surprised Wonpil During Birthday Live Broadcast To Give Him A Gift

Despite a busy schedule, Young K always makes time for the members!

DAY6‘s Wonpil celebrated his birthday yesterday with a live broadcast for fans.


In the middle of the live broadcast, Young K suddenly appeared to seemingly crash the party! In reality, he came bearing gifts.


Firstly, he surprised Wonpil by singing “Happy Birthday.” Young K then placed a bowl of seaweed soup, a Korean birthday traditional dish, on the table in front of Wonpil. He said that he cooked it just for Wonpil!


After giving the thoughtful gift, he began to leave, but Wonpil said, “You’re just going to leave? Stay. Let’s stay together.” As the birthday boy wished, they continued the live broadcast together.


Young K had just arrived after hosting KBS Cool FM‘s Kiss the Radio. Even at work, he was thinking of celebrating Wonpil’s birthday!

Watch the cute clip from the live broadcast below:

Find out how each DAY6 member celebrated Wonpil’s birthday below:

Here’s How Each DAY6 Member Celebrated Wonpil’s Birthday