Here’s Why Dispatch Chose The Celebrities They Did To Unbox BTS’s Dicon Magazine

BTS are truly the celebrities of celebrities!

Dicon magazine featured BTS for their 10th issue special edition and released teaser videos of each of the members.

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They also invited different celebrities to do unboxing videos of each members’ edition of the magazine. Let’s take a look at each of the celebrities and why they were chosen to unbox this magazine!

Jin’s — Kim Nam Gil

Jin dreamed of becoming an actor after watching actor Kim Nam Gil in the drama The Great Queen Seondeok. Kim Nam Gil, who heard about this, later made a video message to Jin through a radio show and stated that he would like to meet him one day. “Jin! Let’s meet up sometime. Contact me.”

J-Hope’s — Jung Hae In

J-Hope once set a bouquet of flowers to actor Jung Hae In’s fan meeting and surprised fans for their unexpected friendship. In 2019, Jung Hae In and BTS both attended the Seoul Music Awards and Jung Hae In revealed that he enjoyed BTS’s music.

Jungkook’s — Kim Hee Sun

Actress Kim Hee Sun’s daughter is a huge Jungkook fan and both mother and daughter have gone to overseas BTS concerts together.

V’s — Choi Woo Sik

Actor Choi Woo Sik, who is known to be a part of the Wooga fam and a good friend of V, was chosen to unbox V’s edition of the magazine.

Suga’s — Nam Goong Min

Actor Nam Goong Min and BTS have both attended the Asia Artist Awards and he has also appeared as the storyteller for Mnet and Big Hit’s survival audition program I-LAND.

RM’s — Hwang Jung Min

Actor Hwang Jung Min attended the 2018 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) and has presented the Artist of the Year award to BTS.

Jimin’s — Kim Sun Ho

Actor Kim Sun Ho has mentioned BTS in one of his lines for a drama before and is also a fan of the group. Although he has attended several music awards, he was unable to meet BTS in person as they did not attend.

After seeing these mentions and stories, it seems like even celebrities are huge fans of BTS!

Source: theqoo