Here’s What Every Member Of EXO Actually Looks Like Without Any Makeup

Stealing hearts with and without makeup.

All nine EXO members are ridiculously handsome and fans can’t help but fall in love with their catchy songs, sweet voices, smooth dance moves, and good-looks. While fans may be used to seeing their idols wearing makeup while performing, the boys have also gone bare-faced before. And their natural looks could give their fans a heart attack.


1. Suho

Who won’t fall in love with Suho? He’s got major talent and can pull off makeup with the best of them!


But he doesn’t have to wear makeup to steal hearts!


2. Xiumin

Xiumin’s eye-makeup enhances his cat like eyes that fans can’t help but swoon over.


A little bit of makeup makes him look super sexy. On the flip side, his makeup-less face makes him look super youthful and adorable!


3. Lay

Xiumin isn’t the only member that ups his sexy factor with a little bit of makeup.


Although he doesn’t really need it since he can still make EXO-L’s weak in the knees with his flawless bare face.


4. Baekhyun

Baekhyun’s eye makeup brings a little extra smolder to his look. Doesn’t he know it isn’t good for his fans’ hearts?


Without makeup you can still admire his amazing visuals! For some reason, without anything on his face you can also see a certain glimmer in his eye that hints at his fun and outgoing personality.


5. Chen

A little bit of confetti and Chen’s sparkly makeup makes a visual aesthetic that is almost impossible to look away from.


Who says he actually needs the makeup though? His smile can light up any room and his visuals are still on point!


6. D.O.

D.O.’s strong vocals never fail to impress but he’s also stunningly handsome. He doesn’t tend to wear makeup very often and when he does he tends to go for a more natural look.


It’s really okay that he doesn’t wear makeup a lot because he’s just so flawless!


7. Kai

When Kai’s on stage he turns into a sexy dancing machine that can capture anyone’s heart. His makeup tends to reflect his hot and seductive side.


Meanwhile, his bare face is equally as gorgeous it just gives off a slightly different and more wholesome vibe.


8. Sehun

EXO-Ls can never get over how perfect Sehun is. His stylist does an excellent job making sure that his makeup is at it’s full heart-fluttering potential.


Although he looks fabulous with makeup, EXO-Ls can’t get enough of his bare face either. Just look at how handsome he is!


9. Chanyeol

Chanyeol has always been a cutie and his stylist know just how to play up his naturally charming looks.


But he also looks just as good and equally as charming when he goes without makeup!