Here’s Every Nickname Fans Call BLACKPINK’s Lisa & The Real Meanings Behind Them

#3 is really something!

Over the years, fans have come up with numerous monikers for BLACKPINK’s fierce main dancer Lisa. Here are 8 of the main nicknames BLINKs use for her along with what they really mean.

1. Lalice

Lisa’s real name is Lalisa Manoban, which is where one of her most popular nicknames comes from—“Lalice” (pronounced la-leess). Sometimes it’s shortened even further to “Lice”, though some fans take issue with that spelling.

2. Pokpak

But before Lisa was called Lalisa, she was actually born with a different name: Pranpriya. Her parents later decided to change it under the advice of a fortune teller, but before that, Pranpriya was given the nickname “Pokpak” by her friends. Many fans still use the nickname for her today.

3. Nallalisa

The nickname “Nallalisa” originally came from Lisa’s fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo, who once revealed she had Lisa saved on her phone as “Nallalisamang”.  “Nalla” is the Korean word for “flying”, but “nallali” means “delinquent”, and “samang” means “death”—so no one is quite sure what Jisoo was going for with this one!

Other similar nicknames Jisoo has given Lisa include “Yolisa” (meaning “Chef Lisa”) and “Senyolisa” (meaning “Señorita Lisa”).

4. Lili

“Lili” is another shortened form of Lisa or Lalisa. It has even more special meaning to BLINKs these days as Lisa’s YouTube channel where she posts dance performances and vlogs is called “Lilifilm”. Many Lisa fans call themselves “Lilies” too.

5. Limario

On an episode of Weekly Idol a few years ago, the hosts totally messed up BLACKPINK’s names, calling them “Jaesu” (Jisoo), “Jero” (Jennie), “Rosa” (Rosé) and “Limario” for Lisa, which stuck.

6. Ppeu Ppeu

“Ppeu Ppeu” is another nickname which comes from Lisa’s former name, Pranpriya, but this one was invented by Korean BLINKs. In Korean, Pranpriya is pronounced “peu-ran-peu-ri-ya”, which got shortened to “Ppeu Ppeu”.

7. Long-Leg Lisa

This nickname is pretty self-explanatory. Standing at 167cm tall, Lisa has incredibly long legs that have even gone viral before—hence the nickname “Long-Leg Lisa”.

8. Lisa-Oppa

Unlike most of Lisa’s other nicknames, which are variations of her real name, “Lisa-Oppa” comes from Lisa’s personality. She’s always ready to be a night in shining armor for her members, just like a real oppa would.