Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Into How Apink’s Line Distribution Has Changed Over Time

They’ve been in the industry for a while, so there have been some drastic changes!

Apink debuted in April of 2011, meaning that they’ve been in the industry for over 9 years! They’re one of the oldest currently active female K-Pop groups, and through this near-decade they’ve been together, they’ve had plenty of time to learn how to work together and figure out each member’s strengths and weaknesses. There has also been plenty of time to see how each member’s line distributions have changed over time too! The following graphs show the percentages of lines each member has had over 17 of their main songs since their debut to see if there are any upward or downward trends, and how much variation they’ve had as a whole.

1. Chorong

With only about 10.5% of Apink’s total lines, Chorong has the least amount of lines in the group. She’s the group’s leader, lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper, and so it makes sense that her focus would be more on dancing than singing or rapping. Still, since she does have two vocal roles, she should be getting her fair share of lines! Her line evolution has showed a lot of variation over time, but there’s no clear upward or downward trend, so it’s likely that she’ll continue to get the same amount of lines.

2. Bomi

Bomi has the second-most lines out of the group, with 19.9% of the total. She’s the lead vocalist, main rapper, main dancer, and center of the group, and with those titles, she should definitely be getting a lot of mic time! Interestingly, though, since the “Mr. Chu” era, her amount of lines has been steadily decreasing overall, perhaps to give other members a chance to have more lines. She still seems to be getting plenty, at least!

3. Eunji

With 27.6% of the total lines in the group, Eunji by far has the most overall. She’s the main vocalist and face of the group, and you’d think since she only has one vocal role that someone like Bomi might get more lines, but apparently as the main vocalist, she really gets a lot of time in the spotlight! Like Bomi, her lines have also been declining a bit over time, but this is mostly because she had a ton of lines in some of their earlier songs, so she’s still getting plenty of singing time these days!

4. Naeun

Naeun has the second-least amount of lines in the group, at 11.5%. She’s the lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, center, and visual of the group, similar to Chorong, so also like the leader, it makes sense that she would focus more on dancing than singing or rapping! She has a lot of variation in her line amount over the years, though fortunately, she has a pretty distinct upward trend in her lines despite the variation!

5. Namjoo

Namjoo is right in the middle in terms of her lines, with 16.8% of the group’s total. She’s the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and rapper of the group, so this percentage seems pretty fair for her positions. Her line evolution is pretty interesting, with less lines at debut and currently but more during the center of their discography. She’s still getting a decent amount overall, though, so she should be fine in the future!

6. Hayoung

Hayoung is also in the (lower) middle of the group in terms of lines, with 11.9% of the total. Besides being the maknae, she’s also a vocalist and rapper of the group without any main or lead roles, so it wouldn’t be expected for her to get a ton of lines compared to others. Fortunately for her, though, she’s another member besides Naeun whose had a pretty clear upward trend in her line evolution, with clearly more lines now than she’s had in the past! Hopefully for her sake, this continues.