Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Into How Stray Kids Members’ Line Distributions Have Changed Since Their Debut

They have an incredible amount of variation in their lines!

Stray Kids debuted in March of 2018, which means they’ve been together as an active K-Pop group for about two and a half years. While this makes them still a relatively young group, two and a half years is still a pretty good amount of time for the members to learn how to work together well and what each of their strengths and weaknesses are. Stray Kids are also known to write and produce the majority of their songs, which means they play a huge role in the creation of their music, which means that who ends up with which lines is mostly up to the group itself! This could be why Stray Kids has one of the most even line distributions for a group of their size.

The graphs below show the line distributions of each member over time from debut until now, to see if there are any increasing or decreasing trends in the amount of lines they get, or if they have a lot of variation. Note that this only includes current members of the group.

Bang Chan

Bang Chan has the second most lines in the group, with about 14% of the total. He has many roles in the group, including being the lead dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist along with being leader of the group, so it’s not surprising that he has so many lines! His line evolution, however, is really all over the place (which, you’ll see, seems to be a trend in Stray Kids that’s not as common in other groups) and there doesn’t appear to be any obvious increasing or decreasing trend.

Lee Know

Lee Know has the least amount of lines of anyone in Stray Kids at about 8%, but it’s not really that much lower than the rest of the members overall. Considering he’s only a sub-vocalist and sub-rapper and his main focus is as a main dancer, it makes sense that his performances would be more dance-focused! He is, however, also one member who does have a pretty clear increasing line trend from debut until now, which is great!


Changbin is among the members with the most lines in the group, with about 13.1% of the total. As both a main rapper and sub-vocalist, the first position should allow him to have plenty of lines while the latter would give him a bit extra as well. Opposite of Lee Know, however, he does have a slight decreasing trend in his overall line amount since the group’s debut. Since he still has a good portion of the group’s lines, however, this shouldn’t be an issue if it doesn’t continue to go down!


Hyunjin is right in the middle of the group in terms of line amount, at about 10.1% of the total. Along with being the visual and main dancer, he’s also a lead rapper, which is just one vocal role but a pretty important one. The amount of lines he’s had makes sense for his position, though from around the “My Pace” era and onwards, he has seen a bit of a decrease in his line amount as well. Hopefully this will even out soon!


Han has the most lines out of the members of Stray Kids, with about 14.5% of the total belonging to him. As both a main rapper and lead vocalist of the group, it’s no wonder he has so many lines! He’s a talented guy, so he deserves it for sure. Interestingly, he had the most lines around debut era and the most recent comebacks, with a bit of a dip in the middle between each, though it didn’t seem to impact his overall amount of lines that much. He’s still getting plenty, and likely will continue to!


Felix is among the members with less lines in the group, with about 9.3% of the total lines going to him. He’s both a lead dancer and lead rapper, though his deep voice is extremely unique, so it makes sense that they would use it for only certain parts of songs, and some songs would be better suited for it than others. That’s likely also why he has some of the most variation in his overall lines between songs, with no clear trends!


Seungmin is another member with some of the most lines in Stray Kids, with about 11.1% of the total. His one role is as the main vocalist of the group, so of course he’s going to get a lot of the singing roles in their songs! He’s also shown an increasing trend in his lines since the “District 9” era, so hopefully he continues to get plenty of time to show off his skills!


I.N, as the maknae and a sub-vocalist of Stray Kids, is another member with a smaller amount of lines at around 9.2% of the total. Since he’s only a sub-vocalist, he just doesn’t get as many lines as the lead and main vocalists, which is too bad! He also shows a high degree of variation in lines between songs, with some having much more time for him than others. Hopefully in the future, his vocal time will be better and more consistent!

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