Here’s What Korean Children Had To Say When Asked To Give Their Opinions On BTS

This is the cutest thing!

A YouTube channel by the name of Korean Studio interviewed some children to get some of their thoughts about BTS. When asked if they knew who BTS is, there were some mixed answers.

However, most of the children did know about BTS, as some of them even danced to their music!

Some knew their songs but didn’t want to dance to them for personal reasons.

The staff members then gave the children pictures of all the members and asked them to pick the member they thought was the most handsome.

There were a lot of mixed answers.

When they were asked why they chose the member they did, the children gave some heartwarming answers. The child who picked RM said that she picked him because she liked everything about him.

She even said that RM is like her ideal type.

Other answers were more simple, where one child chose Jungkook just because he’s handsome.

Another child picked Jungkook and said that she picked him because he resembles a bunny.

Some of the children couldn’t just pick one member, as the members are all gorgeous!

When asked to pick which member they would marry, a child said she would pick J-Hope due to his friendly personality.

Here’s the full video below!