Here’s A Look At ATEEZ Members’ Line Evolutions From Debut Until Now

Have these rookie idols shown growth in their almost two-year careers?

With ATEEZ‘s comeback less than a day away, ATINYs are getting increasingly excited to see what their new release will look and sound like. Even though the group is still less than 2 years old, they’ve had 4 mini albums and 1 full length album, with Zero: Fever Part. 1 set to be their 5th mini. Because of how many comebacks they’ve had, there has been plenty of time for the members to develop their own individual line evolutions! While their line distributions have been looked at before, this list will show how each member’s lines have evolved over the time since their debut to see if there are any trends. Check them out!

1. Jongho

As ATEEZ’s main vocalist, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that maknae Jongho has the most lines in the group, with about 21.9% of the total. He’s recognized as one of the most promising and powerful rookie vocalists of the 4th generation of K-Pop, so it makes sense for him to get so many lines! His line evolution doesn’t really show any clear upward or downward trend, and is overall staying relatively stable, which is appropriate.

2. Wooyoung

Wooyoung has, unfortunately, the second-least lines in ATEEZ, with only 6.3% of the total lines belonging to him. He is considered a main dancer, however, and so it makes sense that other members with main and lead vocals would end up with more lines than him, though that doesn’t mean he’s not talented in singing! It’s hard to tell if he’s really had any increase or decrease in his overall lines, but hopefully in the future he will have more time to showcase his voice.

3. Mingi

While oftentimes rappers in K-Pop groups tend to have some of the least lines compared to other members, Mingi actually has the second-most lines in the group, at 18.1%. He’s certainly a very skilled rapper, as well as a main dancer, so it makes sense that he would get so much center time! It appears that he might have a slight decrease in his lines lately, but it’s not by a lot, and considering he still has the second-most lines of any member, this doesn’t seem unfair.

4. San

Some people might be surprised to learn that San is just a vocalist of ATEEZ, given his incredible performance skills. He’s pretty much right in the middle in terms of how many lines he gets, with about 12% of the total. He also doesn’t appear to have an increase or decrease in his lines throughout ATEEZ’s discography, but this seems fair for him as long as he gets to dance like the insanely skilled performer he is!

5. Yunho

Yunho is also in the middle in terms of lines, with about 9.3%. He’s a main dancer as well as a vocalist, so it would make sense that more of his energy is focused on dancing. However, he does seem to be having an upward trend in his line evolution, so hopefully this will continue as their career progresses so he gets more time to show off his lovely voice!

6. Yeosang

Yeosang, sadly, has the least amount of lines overall in ATEEZ, at only about 4.8% of the total. He’s a vocalist and a dancer (and a visual) of the group, but even though he’s not a main or lead vocalist, fans have long thought that he doesn’t get enough lines! He doesn’t show a clear trend of getting more, either, but hopefully with ATEEZ’s next comeback, this will change.

7. Seonghwa

Seonghwa is another vocalist of the group, as well as a visual, and he has more lines than most of the other just vocalists in ATEEZ at 10.3%. He does appear to have an upward trend in his line amounts as well, based on the chart, and while it would be nice to see him get more lines for sure, it would also be great to see other vocalists with less lines, like Wooyoung and Yeosang, get more as well!

8. Hongjoong

Hongjoong is the other main rapper of the group, though he has slightly less lines overall than Mingi at 17.3%. As the leader, songwriter, and composer of the group, he likely has a lot of say in who gets which lines, so he’s certainly kept things fair in terms of not giving himself more than the others! In fact, he seems to have a bit of a downward trend lately, which will hopefully allow those with less lines to shine.