Here’s A Look At EXO’s Current Members’ Line Evolutions From Debut Until Now

Have member changes impacted their lines?

EXO has been through numerous member line-up changes since its debut, which has certainly made an impact on the lines of the members that remain. But just how much have they changed over time? The line distributions of each of their main songs has already been discussed, but these graphs take a look at the line evolutions of each individual member of the remaining 9 EXO members and how their line percentage has changed over time. Check them out below!

1. Kai

As the group’s main dancer, Kai definitely gets a lot of center time, and the amount of lines he’s had overall is about right in the middle at 8.7% of the total. Based on the graph, it looks like his lines might be slightly increasing over time, though it’s hard to tell for certain. If nothing else, he’s had more lines these last couple comebacks than average!

2. Chen

Chen has had the most lines of all the EXO members, at about 17.9% of the total. This makes sense, given that he’s a main vocalist of the group and has a lovely voice! His lines in the Chinese version of “Mama” sort of throws off the graph, but otherwise he seems to be keeping a steady, good amount of lines overall without a clear increase or decrease.

3. Sehun

Sehun is both a lead dancer and a lead rapper, so it’s not entirely surprising that his lines have varied a lot over time. Rappers often have high variation in their lines, given that some songs have more rap than others. Unfortunately, besides Lay, he’s had the fewest lines in EXO overall of the current members, though he does seem to be having an upward trend lately, especially with “Obsession”! Hopefully the trend will continue so he can continue to shine.

4. Chanyeol

As the other main rapper of EXO, Chanyeol definitely has more lines than Sehun, at about 9.2% of the average. His overall line evolution does seem to be increasing somewhat, too, which is nice, since he is very talented as a rapper and a performer! Hopefully both he and Sehun will get plenty of time in the spotlight.

5. Xiumin

Before he left for his mandatory military enlistment, Xiumin was showing a high degree of variation in the amount of lines he was getting, though he also had one of the smaller line totals of the group at 7.7%. Considering he’s just listed as a sub-vocalist and sub-rapper, it makes sense that he would have less lines than the main vocalists and rappers, but he does seem to have been having a slight upward curve in his lines before he enlisted, so hopefully when he returns that will continue!

6. Lay

Even without including all of the EXO songs that Lay hasn’t participated in, he still had a relatively small amount of the total lines in EXO’s songs, which is likely due to his being Chinese and being less familiar with the Korean language. With all of the solo work he’s been doing, at least he has been getting plenty of popularity, but if and when he returns to EXO, hopefully they’ll allow him to shine more in the group too!

7. D.O

After Chen and Baekhyun, D.O has the most of EXO’s lines at 15.8% (this includes the 0 lines he had in “Obsession” due to his military enlistment, so it’s not a completely accurate number). As another main vocalist of the group, he definitely should be getting this many lines! He doesn’t seem to be increasing or decreasing in the amount of lines he’s being given, but that’s alright, as long as he stays steady where he’s at he’ll have plenty.

8. Baekhyun

Baekhyun has the second-most lines in EXO at 16.2% of the total, and again, being a main vocalist, this makes sense. He’s showed a fair amount of variation in his lines over EXO’s discography, and doesn’t appear to have any kind of upward or downward trend, but that’s just fine. He’s definitely getting plenty of love for both his group work as well as his solo songs!

9. Suho

Suho has a fair amount of the group’s total lines, with 10.6% of them belonging to him. As a lead vocalist, this makes sense, since main vocalists tend to get more lines than lead vocalists on average. However, he does appear to be having a bit of an upward trend with his line evolution, so maybe he will get more time in the spotlight, especially after his successful solo!