Here’s A Look At The Line Evolution Of Red Velvet’s Members Throughout Their Discography From Debut Until Now

There seem to be upward and downward trends to some degree!

The line distributions of Red Velvet’s members have been looked into before, but the graphs below view the data in a different light. Red Velvet has been around for long enough now that they have a fairly extensive discography, so it’s possible to see what the line evolutions look like for each member, and if any of them have generally more or less lines than they used to. Note that all of these songs are the “OT5” versions, including the songs that Yeri wasn’t originally included in.


Wendy, understandable, started out as the powerhouse vocal of the group, and for the most part does still hold that title. She has the most overall lines at around 30% of them total, and even though in general she has had slightly less lines overall lately to allow other members time to shine, she is certainly still getting plenty of the spotlight.


Seulgi shows what is probably the most obvious increase in overall lines, and has the second-most total lines in the group, with about 24%. She has been compared to Wendy quite a bit in terms of her vocal performance, and the company clearly thinks that she’s grown as a vocalist, given that upward trajectory in the graph!


Irene has the most variation in how many lines she’s been given in songs, and it’s difficult to see if there’s any real change between debut and now. She has the second-least amount of lines in the group, around 14%. It does appear like she did maybe have more lines in general in the past for some songs, but there really isn’t a definitive visual to prove that she is being given less lines now overall.


Joy appears to have a slight increase in overall lines, though it’s not quite as obvious as Seulgi. She has the third-most (or third-least) amount of lines in the group overall at about 21%. If nothing else, it almost appears as if she had more lines during debut, less in the middle of their current discography, and has been getting more again recently.


Yeri, having joined Red Velvet after their debut, understandably had less lines earlier in their career as they got used to having her in the group. She has the least lines overall at about 10%, but it appears that in more recent times she has been getting slightly more lines, especially around the middle of their current discography.

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