Here’s A Look At NCT 127 Members’ Line Evolutions From Debut Until Now

They definitely have some interesting variations in their lines.

A while back, NCT 127‘s line distribution was looked at for each of their most popular songs by member. The graphs on this list show their line evolutions in a different light, in order to see just how each member’s lines have changed over time from debut until their most recent song. While some seem to have somewhat of a trend, many of the members line percentages have varied wildly over time! Take a look at all ten members’ line evolutions below.

1. Taeil

As the main vocalist of the group, Taeil has the most lines overall, at about 16%. It’s looks like he has had an increase in lines since NCT 127’s debut, especially during the Neo Zone era, though he also had a random spike in lines in “Fly Away With Me”! While it’s nice to see him getting a lot of lines, hopefully it won’t continue to increase since he already has so many and other members deserve lines too.

2. Johnny

Johnny has one of the fewer total line percentages of the group, at about 7.6%. Since his main role is as a dancer, and he’s only a sub-vocalist and sub-rapper, this isn’t too surprising. He might have had a slight increase in overall lines since their debut, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

3. Taeyong

Many fans have complained about the amount of lines that Taeyong seems to have in NCT 127’s songs, but it’s actually surprisingly not that way! While he did have more lines earlier on, he’s showed a steep decrease in the last several comebacks for some reason, though he does have about 12.5% of the group’s total lines which is right in the middle. While it’s nice to see more lines going to other members, hopefully his will increase again soon!

4. Doyoung

Doyoung is another main vocalist of NCT 127, and after Taeil, has the most lines in the group at about 14.5%. He does seem to have had a slight increase in lines since their debut, too, which has given him that second-most position. If he can continue to have the amount of lines now as he had has in recent times, since about the “Superhuman” era, he’ll have plenty!

5. Yuta

Yuta has one of the fewer total lines in the group, at about 7% of the total. As a Japanese member, it isn’t terribly surprising, given that he would be less comfortable with the Korean language, but what’s interesting is that he debuted with “Firetruck” with a much higher line percentage than any of their songs afterwards! His line evolution seems to be staying relatively stable, so hopefully it will either stay that way or increase with time.

6. Jaehyun

Jaehyun is both a main vocalist and sub-rapper of NCT 127, so he has a decent amount of lines at around 11.5%. What’s interesting is that he seems to have had more lines around debut, less lines in the middle of their current discography, and is now increasing somewhat again. He’s pretty much always had a pretty fair amount of lines, though, so if it stays that way, he’ll have plenty!

7. WinWin

WinWin has by far the fewest amount of lines in NCT 127, if you count the last couple of comebacks where he hasn’t had any part in the songs at all, but this is likely due to him also being a member of WAYV, who he has been promoting with recently. Even before his hiatus from NCT, however, he really didn’t get that many lines, so if he does make a return to the group, hopefully he will get more in the future!

8. Jungwoo

Jungwoo, like Haechan, has a low amount of overall lines due to him joining NCT 127 late. He has, however, had more lines in the songs he has been in than WinWin, which is likely because he’s a main vocalist whereas WinWin is just a sub-vocalist. Hopefully he continues to do well and stay with NCT 127!

9. Mark

Like Taeyong, Mark is known to get a lot of lines and center time in NCT 127, though his total is actually only about 11.5%. As a main rapper, it certainly makes sense why he gets a decent amount of lines, though also like Taeyong, he’s showed somewhat of a decrease in his line evolution lately. Maybe they’re just giving other members a time to shine, but hopefully he’ll get back into the limelight soon!

10. Haechan

Haechan is among the members with the most lines in the group, at around 13% of the total. He’s a lead vocalist, so this does make sense! It does appear that his line evolution might be slightly increasing over time, though it isn’t that drastic, which is probably a good thing since he was already receiving a decent amount!