Here’s A Look At Just How Fair NCT 127’s Line Distribution Is Throughout Their Discography

It’s certainly not even, though it might not be as uneven as you’d think…

NCT 127 has a reputation already for giving certain members more screen time, but do those members, in actuality, have drastically more lines than the other members? It’s a bit hard to determine, given that some members are excluded from certain songs in their discography, but you can check out the line distribution percentages below for 14 of their most well-known songs and see what you think for yourself. The last graph shows how many lines each member had in total over all 14 songs!

1. “Fire Truck”

2. “Limitless”

3. “Cherry Bomb”

4. “Replay (PM 01:27)”

5. “Regular (English Ver.)”

6. “Fly Away With Me”

7. “Simon Says”

8. “Welcome to My Playground”

9. “Chain”

10. “Superhuman”

11. “Highway to Heaven”

12. “Touch”

13. “Kick It”

14. “Punch”