Here’s A Look At SEVENTEEN Members’ Line Evolutions From Debut Until Now

There are definitely some upwards and downwards trends!

The members with the most and least amount of lines in SEVENTEEN has already been looked at, but how have their lines evolved since their 2015 debut? While some of the members’ line percentages have stayed relatively the same, others have more or less lines than they did when the group debuted. There could be several reasons for this, the most common of which is likely that some members had more confidence, skill, and training when they debuted which allowed them to have more lines, but over time other members got more confident and skillful in their abilities and were given more lines in the future. Undoubtedly, however, all of the members of SEVENTEEN are extremely talented!

1. Dino

Dino has had about 4.7% of SEVENTEEN’s total lines over their 22 main songs, making him the Korean member with the least amount of lines total. Fortunately, even though he does have fewer lines than most members, his line evolution is showing an upward trend overall!

2. Vernon

As a rapper, Vernon’s line evolution is understandably somewhat all over the place, given that some of SEVENTEEN’s songs are more rap-heavy than others. With about 6.7% of the group’s total lines, he has a decently solid amount for a rapper in the group, and it appears that it will stay about the same if the current trend continues.

3. Seungkwan

Seungkwan is known as one of the powerhouse vocals of the group for good reason! He’s had about 11.8% of the total lines, which is surpassed only by one other member. Even though it does appear that he’s had a bit of a downward trend in lines over time, this is likely to allow other members more time to shine when they hadn’t in the past.

4. The8

The8 has, sadly, the smallest percentage of lines in SEVENTEEN, with only about 4.5% of the total. This is likely due in part to him being a Chinese member and having less confidence in the Korean language early on in his career, and thankfully he’s had an increase in average percentage of lines overall!

5. Mingyu

Mingyu is the rapper in the group with the most amount of lines, about 7.7% of the total. His line evolution doesn’t really show any particular trend, and seems to be staying pretty even as a whole, which is a good place for him to be.

6. DK

DK has had the most lines overall in SEVENTEEN because of his gorgeous voice, with about 13.7% of the total lines belonging to him. Like Seungkwan, he has showed a bit of a downward trend lately, but again, this is likely to allow other members with fewer lines in the past to shine.

7. Woozi

Producer extraordinaire Woozi has had about 9.6% of SEVENTEEN’s total lines, one of the higher amounts. While he initially started out with more lines overall, since “Healing” he’s kept it at a relatively even level overall. He’s a great vocalist, so he definitely deserves to keep his percentage!

8. Wonwoo

Wonwoo is the rapper in the group with the least amount of lines, at 5.9%, which is too bad, but it could certainly be worse. His deep voice is pretty unique and best suitable for certain songs or parts of songs, so it does make sense that he would only cover certain parts in their discography.

9. Hoshi

Hoshi has had about 7.4% of SEVENTEEN’s total lines, which is a pretty solid amount. He doesn’t show any real trend in one way or another in his line evolution, though the amount of lines he gets per song has varied greatly over time.

10. Jun

Like The8, with Jun being a Chinese member, he started out with very few lines, and still only has about 5.3% of lines in total for their main songs. However, also like The8, he has been showing a bit of an upward trend, which is great to see!

11. Joshua

Like Hoshi, Joshua’s line amounts have varied a lot over their discography without any real noticeable trend. He’s had about 7.2% of the total lines in the group, which is a decent amount, and it looks like he’ll probably stay consistent around that number if the trend continues.

12. Jeonghan

Jeonghan, with about 7.8% of SEVENTEEN’s total lines, had stayed pretty consistent with his line evolution, with only a few songs that had more or less lines than around his average. He’s a solid vocalist, though not the most powerful in the group, so this trend makes sense. He definitely deserves to be heard!

13. S.Coups

Lastly, S.Coups has the second-most lines for a rapper in the group with about 7.5% of the total lines. While he has had a couple songs where he had a pretty high increase in lines, overall he’s stayed pretty consistent in his line evolution.