Here Are 20+ Moments That Made NCTzens Fall For Their Biases

What made you fall for your bias?

As we all know, there are many reasons to love the NCT members!

NCT | @nct/Instagram

Here are a few reasons NCTzens on Reddit fell for their biases in NCT!

1. When Taeil cheered on NCT Life in Paju

We have no choice but to stan Cheerleader Taeil!

2. Shotaro being shy on “NCT’s Useful Tips”

Shotaro is just all-around adorable and lovable!

3. Hendery as Rapunzel

The yassification of Hendery will forever be iconic!

4. Doyoung and Renjun’s “It’s Awkward But It’s Ok” video

These two may have been awkward with each other before filming this video, but it was great to see them grow closer to each other!

5. Ten’s visuals in the “Love Talk” music video

Ten looked beyond amazing in “Love Talk!”

6. When an NCTzen couldn’t stop smiling every time Xiaojun appeared in the “Miracle” video

Xiaojun has the same effect on us!

7. Jaehyun’s cover of “A Whole New World”

A Redditor said, “He came out on screen looking and sounding like a Disney prince, and I was sold.” We 100% agree!

8. Jaemin on the episode of Mickey Mouse Club where SHINee’s Key was a guest star with the SM Rookies

The Redditor who mentioned this loved seeing Jaemin’s beautiful smile on this episode of Mickey Mouse Club back when he was in SM Rookies!

9. When an NCTzen saw a post saying “Mark Lee is your bias”

A Redditor said, “I saw a post sometime in late 2020 saying something like Mark Lee is your bias when he isn’t and to myself I was like ‘lol no he’s not.’ I woke up the next day and started biasing Mark.” That’s how powerful Mark is!

10. Haechan just existing

Haechan: Exists


11. Johnny’s variety show appearances

Johnny’s every variety show host’s dream!

12. Taeyong in the “Cherry Bomb” video

This was the first NCT video the Redditor who mentioned “Cherry Bomb” Taeyong ever saw, and they’ve been hooked ever since!

13. Sungchan’s “Misfit” rap

Sungchan is so talented that we have no choice but to stan him!

14. Yangyang adorably bickering with Ten

Yangyang is a super sassy, lovable maknae!

15. Jisung being an ’02 liner

It’s hard not to have a soft spot for idols who were born during the same year as you! Plus, Jisung is just so endearing!


16. Chenle’s beautiful voice

We definitely agree that Chenle’s voice is worth stanning him for!

17. Jeno’s visuals in “NCT 2020: The Past & Future – Ether”

The fan who fell for Jeno after this video couldn’t stop watching his fancams after seeing him here!

18. Yuta playing soccer

Yuta’s passion for soccer is so endearing!

19. Winwin being himself

With Winwin’s sweet personality, it’s impossible not to love him!

20. Jungwoo’s “the member with the best hair”

Jungwoo’s aegyo is unbeatable in Korean AND English!


Source: Reddit