Here’s How Each Member Of (G)I-DLE Was Discovered And Signed To CUBE Entertainment

Here’s how they all came to be one group.

(G)I-DLE are a group of 6 talented women, and the chemistry they share with one another is insane!

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They shot to the top of rookie bias lists with their debut in 2018, and since then, have been creating amazing music together as a group, and have also captivated fans with their many charms and talents! Here is how each member of (G)I-DLE was discovered and signed to CUBE Entertainment!

1. Soyeon

Soyeon is the leader, main rapper, lead dancer, and main producer of (G)I-DLE!

Soyeon signed on as a CUBE Entertainment trainee in December 2016. Even before her debut, Soyeon was a popular artist with her previous appearances on many survival shows, for which she gained tons of attention! She appeared as a contestant on Produce 101, alongside fellow labelmate CLC‘s Eunbin, and surprised many by her amazing rap skills!

Soyeon made it all the way to the final episode, ultimately finishing in 20th place. After Produce 101, she also competed on Unpretty Rapstar, and gave some of her best performances pre debut, finishing the show in 3rd place!

Soyeon then made her solo debut in 2017, with the single “Jelly”.

In 2018, Soyeon then re-debuted as (G)I-DLE’s leader, and the rest, as they say, is history!


2. Miyeon

Miyeon is the oldest member and the talented main vocalist of (G)I-DLE!

Miyeon initially trained under YG Entertainment, becoming a trainee under the agency in 2010, around the same time as BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. She was a trainee rumored to debut with the other members of BLACKPINK, but ultimately left the agency in 2015.

She joined CUBE Entertainment sometime later as a trainee, and debuted as the main vocalist of the group in 2018!


3. Minnie

Minnie is the group’s other main vocalist, and is well-known for her unique, sultry vocals!

As a child, Minie was always interested in music. She became a student at G-Vocal Studio in Thailand, where a teacher then suggested to her to audition for CUBE Entertainment.

| Pre-debut Minnie

After successfully passing the audition, Minnie became a trainee at CUBE, and after three years of training, debuted as (G)I-DLE’s “attractive voice”!


4. Soojin

Soojin is the group’s gorgeous main dancer!

Before joining CUBE Entertainment, Soojin was previously a trainee at DN Entertainment, where she trained with and almost debuted alongside the other members of the group VIVIDIVA.

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Soojin, however, left before the group debuted in 2015, and almost gave up on an idol career. Her father encouraged to continue pursuing her dreams though, and in 2016, Soojin officially became a CUBE Entertainment trainee, ultimately making her debut as a member of (G)I-DLE in 2018!


5. Yuqi

Yuqi is the group’s lead vocalist and lead dancer!

Hailing from China, Yuqi was always interested in K-Pop and variety shows like Running Man, and has often cited Super Junior as one of her all-time favorite groups.

She auditioned for CUBE Entertainment in 2014 and became an official trainee in 2017. Yuqi eventually debuted as the deep-voiced, adorable member of (G)I-DLE, and consistently captivates with her charm and talents!


6. Shuhua

Shuhua is the group’s beautiful visual maknae!

Shuhua harbored dreams of being an entertainer from a very young age, at first determined to make it as an actress. After being introduced to K-Pop, however, her dreams then changed to wanting to make it as a singer instead of an actress.

Pre-debut Shuhua

In 2016, Shuhua accompanied some friends to a CUBE Entertainment audition, that she successfully managed to pass! After training for 2 years, Shuhua eventually debuted as the visual and maknae of her group, and continues to show everybody just what she’s made of!


(G)I-DLE recently made their comeback with “Dumdi Dumdi”.

Check it out here!

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