Here’s The Size Of Each Stray Kids Member’s Hand

The youngest turned out to have one of the biggest pairs of hands.

Stray Kids appeared on Weekly Idol and fulfilled some of their fans’ wishes. One of those wishes was to measure their hands, proving how big they were. Though they created molds of their hands in the past, they gave fans updated measurements of how much they’ve grown.

Molds of Stray Kids’ hands for a “Star Avenue” display. | @nerissa1123/Twitter

1. Han

The measurement of Han’s hand came in at just under twenty centimeters with 19.5cm.

2. Changbin

Like Han, Changbin nearly reached twenty centimeters by also measuring 19.5cm.

3. Lee Know

Following Changbin and Han, Lee Know’s hand was just a bit smaller at 19cm.

4. I.N

Despite being the youngest member, I.N turned out to have one of the biggest pairs of hands, measuring exactly 20cm.

5. Felix

The member who took the crown for the smallest hands was Felix with 18cm.

6. Seungmin

Seungmin’s hand measured at 19.5cm, becoming the most common size among the members.

7. Bang Chan

Leader Bang Chan’s hand also measured the same as Seungmin’s at 19.5cm.

8. Hyunjin

Tying with I.N for the biggest pair of hands in the group, Hyunjin’s measured at 20cm.

Source: YouTube

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