Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Shook Everyone By The Massive Size Of His Hand

STAYs are still trying to figure out how he could fit so many things in it.

While Stray Kids have tall members among them, there’s someone who easily takes the spot for tallest: Hyunjin. Especially when he’s standing by himself, there’s no debate that he’s one of the tallest idols out there.

Despite knowing this, it still came as a surprise when glimpsing a particular view of his hand. The massive size of it had fans doing double-takes to make sure they were seeing it correctly.

In the first photo, Hyunjin appeared as normal as ever, walking wherever he needed to go. It was the number of items he carried in his hand that captured attention.

Upon looking closer in the second photo, Hyunjin wasn’t carrying only two or three items in one hand. Even though a typical hand has four spaces, he fit five whole things into one hand. It wasn’t only the number that was surprising.

The items weren’t thin. Not only did he manage to hold a mask, but he’d fit an entire water bottle, a bulky case for his AirPods, his sizable cell phone, and a thick power bank.

If his hands are big enough to hold so many bulky items, it puts into perspective how massive they are. With just half of his hand, he can cover half his face, meaning the length of his whole hand could cover his entire face.

No wonder Hyunjin could hold so many things with only one hand.

Just because someone is tall, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have big hands to match. In Hyunjin’s case, though, he’s winning.

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