Here’s Why TWICE’s Dahyun May Never Get Exposed Or Caught By Dispatch

This is actually kind of scary.

Dispatch has revealed plenty of celebrity couples in the past, where they have caught numerous photos of celebrities dating.

Yet, there is one idol who may never get caught by Dispatch due to her unique skill. That idol is TWICE‘s Dahyun.

The main reason that Dahyun may never get caught is that she’s able to detect cameras very easily. She’s shown many times just waving, or staring at any nearby camera.

Dahyun has also been shown waving at cameras that are particularly far away. Netizens and fans are shocked that she can notice cameras from such as far distance. Here are a couple of moments of Dahyun showing off her skills.

1. Excited greetings

2. Just how?

3. Quick peek

4. Even in a crowd