Here’s Everything “Human Dior” Suzy Carries In Her Lady Dior Bag

How many of these items do you carry?

Suzy revealed what she carries in her Lady Dior bag, and she was able to pack a surprising amount of things into her handbag!

Suzy with one of her Dior handbags | @skuukzky/Instagram

In “What’s inside Bae Suzy’s Lady Dior Bag?” on Christian Dior‘s YouTube channel, Suzy shared what she carries in her bag. Suzy’s handbag, the Lady Dior, is one of Dior’s most iconic and classic bags, so it’s totally fitting for the Human Dior herself!

| Christian Dior/YouTube

Here’s everything Suzy has in her purse!

1. Hand sanitizer

Like many people these days, Suzy carries hand sanitizer with her. She described her hand sanitizer as an essential item and said she carries it with her every day.

2. Spray hand sanitizer

Suzy’s all about keeping her hands clean and staying healthy! She carries two hand sanitizers, so she never runs out.

3. Pencil case with mechanical pencil and highlighter

Suzy uses her mechanical pencil and highlighter to take notes when she’s reading a script. When she’s not filming, she uses the highlighter to highlight sentences that stood out to her in the book she’s reading.

4. Normal People by Sally Rooney

When she filmed the video, Suzy was reading Sally Rooney‘s 2018 novel, Normal PeopleNormal People tells the story of 2 teenagers who fall in love and explores the impacts of class, family, and friendship on their relationship.

5. Dior Cannage Card Case

Of course, the Human Dior has a Dior wallet! Suzy uses the Dior Cannage Card Case to hold her license, credit cards, and receipts. She likes that the card case has a separate space for each item, so she can keep her wallet organized.

6. Apple AirPods in a Dior Oblique AirPods case

Suzy carries her Apple AirPods in a Dior Oblique case. She says her AirPods perfectly fit inside the case.

See the full “What’s inside Bae Suzy’s Lady Dior Bag?” below!