Here Are The Hidden Meanings Behind BTS’s Personal Mic Colors

Do you think the color psychology matches with each member?

BTS used to use the same color microphones, but after their stadium tour, they came out with their own color microphones. It was revealed that each member chose their own colors to reflect their characteristics.



Color psychology can show a person’s mentality and tendencies. Let’s take a look at BTS’s color choices and find out a bit more about who they are.



RM: Blue

For people who like the color blue, their emotions tend to be very stable and they are usually more rational rather than emotional. Being the leader of the group, RM always leads other members calmly. However, those that like the color blue can also get tied up in rules too. They usually receive a lot of stress because they care about what other people think about them. They are also perfectionists, making them feel discouraged when things don’t go as planned. Their workaholic tendencies often make them choose work over dating.



V: Green

People who like the color green are born to be pacifist and avoid fighting with other people. These people have good social abilities, blending with many other people. However, they initially like the quiet countryside life and peacefulness. Taehyung once said that if he did not become a celebrity, he would have most likely become a farmer. He also revealed that he wants to retire at 40 and live a quiet life with his wife.



Jungkook: Purple

People who like the color purple have great artistic sentiments with an acute personality. Jungkook has a talent for art and surprised ARMYs with his artwork, despite not having and art lessons. They are usually easily hurt but don’t reveal their feelings to others. They may look strong on the outside, but they have sensitive hearts. They also feel comfortable when they are alone rather than with other people. Jungkook does mostly everything in his room and so the other members often ask him to come out.



Jimin: Gold

People who prefer gold have big dreams and goals. They also tend to work harder because they have strong desires to reach their goals. This color matches Jimin perfectly because he practices dancing until late into the night while others take breaks at home. He is known to work hard with many Big Hit employees giving him the title of ‘Mr. Tenacious’. But, these huge expectations can also bring huge disappointments, causing him to blame himself for even the smallest of mistakes.



Jin: Pink

People who enjoy pink are usually very nice and thoughtful to others. They are good at bringing up other people’s moods and usually have a strong maternal instinct. Jin is always seen taking care of the other members and his nickname is even ‘mom’. This could be because he is the oldest member, but also because he is just a born-to-be nice guy.



Suga: Black

People who like the color black have strong thoughts and believe that they are the main hero in their lives. They have clear opinions and are always confident. Suga is very confident with his music and believes BTS will become more successful. However, people who like the color black can also be under constant stress.



J-Hope: Sky Blue

People who enjoy sky blue are optimistic and express their feelings freely. They are very artistic, witty, and always flowing with ideas. They also make people happy as they are the life of the party. They are very talented and can be seen doing a variety of different things. J-Hope will probably do well even in other fields other than music.



Although these traits and personalities may not be 100% accurate, it was pretty interesting to see their traits through their personal mic colors. Do you think the personalities match their personal colors?

Take a look at the full video below:


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